Did you know…

When one is fixing to make a post on WordPress, and one mashes the “post” button, it goes to a screen with bouncing dots and words that say “beep beep boop” for several bits before it does what it’s supposed to do.

“Fixing to” and “mashes” (also “mash”,” mashed”, and “mashing”) are Southernisms, and perfectly correct grammar for South of the Mason Dixon Line.

Just because I use Southernisms doesn’t preclude me from understanding and occasionally employing the Oxford comma. I love the Oxford comma. It keeps my parents from being Ayn Rand and God.

(What??…trust me on that.)

Finally, Christmas Spirit has happened. Probably due to the constant barrage of Events this week. Dinners out (2 of them), Luncheons (2 of them), the dogs getting into the cookies while I was at one of the luncheons means I have to make more cookies, thus More Cheer…or something. It was my mistake to leave the cookies on the table, thinking they were safe even though I KNEW the dogs, tricksy sneaky dogses, were capable of getting up there because they are athletic like that, even though none of them are more than 8 inches tall. I am certain there was cooperation because there are 4 dogs, and 4 bags of cookies were emptied. One of the dogs, VERY aware of her larceny, snuck out the back door as I was coming in, keeping her back to me so I wouldn’t see the biscotti in her mouth. Brats.

Himself has been gone but is due to return this evening. While it is kind of nice having all the pillows to myself, that niceness is mitigated by the worry of being the only Responsible Adult in the house. Fortunately the dogs are displeased when someone of whom they disapprove comes in the door, and makes their displeasure loudly known. Which gives me plenty of time to load MayBelleen and call the neighborhood Marine Sniper. Everyone should have a neighborhood sniper. It’s just prudent. Fortunately he has never been called, but it is nice to know he’s there when Himself is in North Carolina or Amsterdam or some foreign country like that.

I can’t get my photo printer to work. Too bad I don’t have a son who’s education is in computer engineering and worked as an IT guy for a few years and who knows all about printers. Wouldn’t it be nice if I had one of those. oh wait….I do….too bad he lives 3 miles away and it’s…oh wait. This is East Bumfizzle, Georgia and 3 miles is how far people have to walk to get to the Dollar General for milk and leopard print shirts. I wonder what he’d charge his OWN MOTHER WHO BIRTHED HIM PAINFULLY FROM HER LOINS to fix her printer.


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One Response to Did you know…

  1. Judy says:

    Dang Brats! I mean the kids, not the dogs.

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