Christmas Tradition

We were talking about Christmas Traditions yesterday over lunch. Every family has them, whether they want to or not. As you would expect, ours tend to resolve around food. However, we have one that does not, and it is the one I enjoy the most:

The Irrational Gift

It goes like this: If you could have anything at all, no reservations about money or the law, what would it be?

Himself wants a .50 cal Barrett sniper’s rifle and 1000 rounds of ammunition for it.

I don’t know what #1 wants, haven’t asked yet, but I would hazard to guess it’s something like an apartment in Manhattan. He’s cosmopolitan like that.

#2 wants a Cray laptop supercomputer. They go for a solid $80K, and he’s the only person I know who knows those things exist.

I don’t know what #3 wants, but it probably involves land and machinery.  We will see him this weekend so I’ll ask. The New Girl will need to know of this tradition, and join in.

#4 wants a Battle mech, a sort of huge robot thing a person gets into with weaponry and such.

I had to ponder long and hard, then said I wanted an outbuilding that I could put my sewing business in, and convert the sewing room into a guest bedroom. That elicited snorts and comments like “that’s not irrational! You want an Abrams tank to drive around town so people will get out of your way!”  Well ok then. I want a tank.

If you could have anything you want (and it has to be a thing, not something nebulous like World Peace or for your gout to go away), regardless of cost or the law, what would it be?


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8 Responses to Christmas Tradition

  1. jerseechik says:

    Didn’t even take a minute: I want to own a cruise ship.

  2. Judy says:

    A smallish cottage with large windows facing the ocean in Nags Head, North Carolina–The Outer Banks and a guarantee that no hurricane will blow it away.

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