bah humbug? No, not really. Ok maybe a little.

Play this while reading. It will help.

So, mentally, I know it’s Christmas time. All the household signs are there, the baking ingredients piled on top of the fridge, the piles of shipping boxes saved for…y’know…shipping stuff. The tree is up, and I even put ornaments on it this year! For the last 2 years ornaments were eschewed in favor of the lack of enthusiasm  simplicity of colored lights.  Seriously. I just didn’t feel like putting baubles on it.  So anyway, the head is there, but the heart still isn’t quite into it.

I remember as a teen, singing in the community choir (Handel’s Messiah, and assorted carols), playing in a brass quartet that would show up in random places (the hospital parking lot, nursing homes, the city parking deck…amazing acoustics there) and play carols. It wasn’t an organized group, just 4 friends with brass instruments and too much free time. That was fun. These events contributed mightily to the sense of holiday and delight in it all.

Then Himself and I married and (almost immediately) started having kids, which also made for a lot of fun and Good Cheer. y’know, arguing over who gets to put the train set together and whether or not the Tonka trucks should be wrapped or left out. We never made a big deal out of the whole Santa thing, threats of losing out due to bad behavior seemed a little disingenuous, not to mention the idea of it being ok for a strange man to come into the house at night, but only once a year. Not a fan of that idea. However, cookies, or a beer, or (later on, after the kids caught on) a scotch and a cigar, were left out.

Now, upon inquiring, it seems the boys all want practical stuff. One of them even asked for socks and Tupperware. I stared at him for that. He sighed and said “Yep, Mom. That would make me happy.” This showed me, more than anything else, that this family NEEDS grandkids. We NEED someone here to get all spooled up over train sets and sock monkeys and those giant candy canes.

Fortunately, #3 and The New Girl are working on that, and by Christmas next year (God willing), there will be a 6 month old baby who will squeal over boxes and bows and plenty of adults (this will be First Grandchild for both families) to overcompensate for the lack of young-un’ in recent years.

Right now, though? Philosophically there are issues. I am just  not that into it. Oh sure, the idea of God incarnate, and His decision to come down here as Man and live amongst us, suffer the indignities, all that…wonderful stuff, there. But honestly that is more of a daily wonder type thing, not a once a year celebration. Same with His death and resurrection, it’s not just an Easter thing, but a daily one. but that whole ‘Tis The Season!’  and Bells! and the excitement I remember feeling 30+ years ago….am I getting old? Is it because at this point Christmas has been done 49 times and seems to come every 3-4 months instead of 12? What’s up with that?

One thing that I know has changed, and I really like this part, is that it is so much more fun thinking about how someone will react to a gift that NAILED IT….just the right thing, knowing it is absolutely NOT expected…than it is shaking the boxes with my name on them and wondering what’s inside. Honestly, I have all the stuff I want. I am kind of excited (as much as I can be, given circumstances) about most of us being together for a whole day, munching on all the shi…er…stuff….all those tasty tasty nibbles all day long, watching movies, playing board games, being a family with no expectations of whatever it is….

That is one thing I deeply appreciate about all our kids. They know how to kick back and have fun, set aside whatever bickering or nonsense, and just sit around and enjoy each other’s company. We all know each other’s situations, so there are no hurt feelings if someone didn’t spend money (they don’t have in the first place) to get someone else a gift (they didn’t need in the first place). It ain’t about that. It never was meant to be. I have a lot of resentment toward our society that places such expectations out there. Oh don’t get me wrong, I like a gift as much as the next person….but still. For the last 2 months we have been told that it is necessary to SPEND SPEND SPEND for….what? What reason? to be liked?


This went a different direction that I expected it to.

Anyway. Christmas. Wah hoo, y’all. Enjoy it, minimize the mess that says it’s all about Stuff, and make it about spending time with the people you love, remembering the whole point of it all, that is, that God, who made everything, lived among us as a Man and even had to be born just like the rest of us. That’s pretty incredible, if you think about it.


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7 Responses to bah humbug? No, not really. Ok maybe a little.

  1. jerseechik says:

    You are going to LOVE what I got you. It’s hanging with your vest, and probably won’t be there for the 25th. But you are going to LOVE it.

    • rootietoot says:

      Well, yours Won’t either, but that’s because I have had bronchitis. In fact I doubt anyone will get theirs before mid January. Which is fine because it stretches the festivities out for longer.

  2. Bella Rum says:

    I can smell the baking goodies in your oven already.
    I wish you could see my commercialism all stacked up in the bedroom. In my defense, I do have three grands, so it looks like much more than it is. Really.
    Things change over the years. I’m so glad your boys are still coming home to Mama for Christmas. If you can just keep them local. I haven’t been so good at that.

  3. Barbara says:

    For years, for me Christmas was always one of those, “oh good, Admin offices are closed so we can work in somewhat peace” and sing carols and get fat on all the cookies in the nurses’ lounge times of year. Now it’s more like an, “oh hey I can get some days off to drive all over the state and still have Christmas eve and day to hang out by myself crashing on the couch in front of Netflix to recover enough to go back to work” time of year. I wish it were more. Too many different sides of families stretching everyone thin, and so I just look forward to the Resurrection that Christmas makes possible. It’s all I got.

  4. Judy says:

    We have always had pretty simple Christmas’ and Santa was never a part of it. Now that I have no money, it has caused me to be more innovative and guess what–everyone likes the hand made items and spaghetti sauce I made for them. Grandchildren were certainly get you in the spirit!! Hopefully, by next Christmas you will have that joy.

  5. joannajenkins50 says:

    Santa hasn’t stopped at our house for a very long time. It’s been 25 years since I even put up a tree! But, the holiday spirit is here most of the time and we’re lucky to have family and loved ones to spend the holidays with– although not specifically for Christmas.

    I bet your house is smelling pretty darn good with your baking. YUM!

    Take good care and enjoy the family. And a new baby next year is definitely something to look forward to 🙂

    xo jj

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