Bits and pieces

Our washing machine is misbehaving. The pump doesn’t work and a valve is leaking, so it fills up and dribbles on the floor if I’m not watching.  however, we (which means Himself) had the foresight to put a pan under it the last time it was moved around, so the water is captured instead of going all over the brand new laminate and ruining it. Himself, being who he is, ordered a new pump and valve and will replace them soon. All for less than $100! He youtubed (that’s a verb now, did you know that?) how to do it, and was told by some other Mr Fixit that it took longer to get up off the floor than it did to do the work.

The washing machine issues means there is now 10 days worth of laundry piled up. Oof. A solid 10-12 loads. Including #4’s sweaty cross country stuff. It is contributing to the personal aroma every house has, and not in a good way.

I am trying out drying vegetables. The garden is happily producing double what we need for daily eating, not to mention green beans are getting tiresome. There was a pile of okra on the table and I recalled reading something about drying it for snacking, and gave it a go. My oven is convection, so it’s great for drying, The okra was really easy, and 2 cookie sheets full dried down to less than a pint. Tasty, too! Next time I will toss it with some seasoning first.  Now there are green beans and sliced eggplant in there. I can see drying lots of stuff for making soups…we love soups in the winter.  Apparently you can make eggplant jerky as well, season it or marinate it or something, before drying.

My foot is still being a Drama Queen. Once the anesthetic that was mixed with the steroid wore off (about 6pm) it started to REALLY hurt, and still is this morning. I am sure standing in the kitchen, slicing eggplants and blanching beans didn’t help, but it needed to be done. Now I am sitting with it propped up, and glaring at it occasionally.  Dr G warned me that it feel uncomfortable for a couple of days. I am looking forward to seeing if the shot helped, and being able to function normally again.

The One Who Got Married Recently is doing well, settling in to married life with someone who shares his same interests and love of game meat. He sent me pictures of  squirrels braising in tomatoes from their garden, and asked about making venison sausage. If you have never eaten squirrel meat, it’s like very dark meat chicken crossed with goat. Really tasty but it has to be cooked for a long time because it’s tough.  He wants to come here for a weekend and hunt some watermelon pigs. (So called because when they’re small they have stripes like a watermelon, and are about that size. There are no regulations on hunting wild pigs, because they are overtaking the region and are very destructive. Also, very delicious.)

The landscaping is coming along, though VERY SLOWLY. Shrubs are in place, and partially mulched. The mulch only seems to move one wheelbarrow full per day or two, as the Landscaping Guy (#2 son) has limited time between classes and Regular Job. I would love it if the menfolk would set aside one solid day and do yardwork for me. It could get done in one day if everyone would put themselves to it. I would even fix steaks for them if they did.

Oh! When at Dr. G’s, I was weighed and while what that weight was is none of your business, it was lower than it’s been for quite some time, and this is a good thing. Along with this was the arrival of a couple of pair of pants ordered, and they were a little bit too big! Ohmygoodness! I have been that size for going on 9 years now and always order these pants (LLBean)! What a lovely feeling!


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One Response to Bits and pieces

  1. Judy says:

    Those little piggies are just the cutest thing–as long as they aren’t in my garden! Love the fact that the pants are becoming larger, LOL

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