I follow the letter of the law.

Lately…well, not so lately really, but lately I decided to DO something about it, I have had Foot Problems. Podiatrists making noises about ugly shoes and being sensible and why do women wear things like that on their feet it’sjustaskingfortroubledon’tberidiculous.  He showed some pictures of shoes I refuse to wear and said I should wear them. Like these:


Ok fine, I know they are probably very, very comfortable and with the velcro easy to put on and such but…gasp.  They look like loaves of bread dough.

The problem is that I have JUST NOW, at the age of nearly 50, decided Style. It is still being figured out and now that there are some fine and narrow parameters involving footwear that have to be followed, Style will have to fit in with them.

So, no more of the floaty skirts with thin strappy sandals that was decided upon in the Spring. Those skirts were nice. They sort of camoflauged   camufloeged  disguised the wonky gait, and were both a personal style statement and pretty. Something that wasn’t part of my thing until I realized that it was actually OK to get new clothes and Himself even encouraged it.  Floaty skirts with lace-up athletic shoes (the alternative to the bread dough that Dr. G said was acceptable) still wasn’t the look I was going for.

Fortunately the seasons are trying to change to the somewhat (really, it’s all relative around here) cooler and dryer part of the year. Theoretically anyway. the weather widget claims it is 91F but I am pretty sure it’s closer to 102, because I was sweating whilst doing yard work and I don’t do that. It’s gross and not very ladylike. (to me, anyway, I have no issues with other people doing it, I just don’t like to do it myself) (I am the same way about eating cow boogers oysters)

Oh yeah…seasons and stuff…that means wardrobe changes and thus pants are ok. Seriously, one does not want to wear long pants this time of year around here unless one is forced to by work dress codes or something. But, wearing pants means the shoes don’t have to be pretty strappy arch-falling-heel-killing flat things that keep podiatrists in business. They can be more Sensible. Sturdier and foot-covery. Only I want some that are Snappy, yet Not The Same Thing Everyone Else Wears, nor athletics. I love athletic shoes, make no mistake there. They are fabulously comfortable and come in a wide variety of colors.

Groovy, right?

But I am not really the SUPERWOWLOOKITYOURSHOESICAN’TCLOSEMYEYES! type of person. I am a Brown Shoes person. Or perhaps Black Shoes. In a pinch, Navy Blue but I won’t like it very much. Just not a BreadLoaf Shoe person.

So, moping a lot and whining about shoes lead to some internet searching, which led to the remembering of a pair of shoes from 25 years ago that were fabulously comfortable and Not The Usual Thing, but were not super showy or scary or anything. They were suede Bucks. Who remembers suede bucks? I didn’t know anyone else who wore them, and they worked great with either chinos or blue jeans. So, by gosh I wanted a pair of bucks and told Himself so. “Amazon” he suggested.

Upon looking for the basic suede bucks there were pictures of saddle shoes…HOLY COW…those things went out of style before my time, but I always thought they were super cool, not that I am the Arbiter of Cool, absolutely not, and my idea of Cool has never been in sync with everyone else’s, but at the age of nearly-50 that shouldn’t matter anymore.

So, now I have a pair of nice brown saddle shoes, suitable for pants, and some black suede bucks, also suitable for pants, that fit the podiatrist’s order for lace-up shoes (they are fantastically arch-supporty, too, and wide enough to fit the orthotics he is prescribing). They are not weird colors or eye-smackingly patterned. Nor were they the $150 good shoes seem to run. I hope he approves.

Displaying image.jpg


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5 Responses to I follow the letter of the law.

  1. Ruthie says:

    Not just Style, but Rootie’s Style. Because you are a maven!

  2. Bella Rum says:

    Glad you found something that works for you. I already wear ugly-but-comfortable shoes. When I went to my former doctor (in her fifties) for my annual exam, she was wearing the same shoes. I changed docs when we moved back from Dad’s. My new doctor is young. She wears five inchers. I scolded her. She swore that she only wears them when she sees the patient. She said that she kicked them off when she was at her desk.

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