Nothing Is Ever Simple part deux

So, there was the issue with the missing key for the locking lug bolt (details in the previous post). Himself put on his Bossman Alpha hat and called the dealership. He informed them that they would replace the locking bolts with normal ones, and wouldn’t charge for the work. They hemmed and hawed and made noises about labor and expense and he replied with the story of being towed and drilling out and offered to send them the bill for all that work, since it was the lack of key that caused it.

He can be very Alpha if it is required. Let me add that he only does it when he has to, and is not a jerk about it.

he also reminded them that we are indeed loyal Dan Vaden customers, having purchased 2 cars from them, but he was pretty sure the dealer in Hilton Head would be delighted to get our business.

The service manager decided that replacing the bolts at no cost is probably a great idea, and they would be happy to do it.

so there is that. I would be really happy if they payed for the tow as well, since it was the lack of key that prevented the tire from being changed on the spot, but he…we will see. There is an appointment Monday morning for the work, which means going to Savannah instead of doing laundry. Maybe a bit of shopping will take place, since I will already be there anyway, and #4 needs some clothes for school. Y’know, make the best of a situation and all that.

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2 Responses to Nothing Is Ever Simple part deux

  1. jeanieinparadise says:

    I love your making lemonade, girl!

    Unlike a gf of mine today, who, when asked about her big-a 4wd that she was expecting back from the dealer yesterday, replied “the last words the dealer said to me was “well, see you in court””

    Can she borrow your husband?

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