Old habits

26-1/2 years ago, soon after the birth of our first child, I developed the habit of afternoon coffee and a chocolate. During their afternoon naps (which were NOT OPTIONAL), I would cozy up with a cup of coffee, in a comfortable chair with a book. In those early years, when money was beyond tight and chocolate was an absolute luxury, Himself would bring home a Hershey’s Bar, and it would last for a couple of weeks, one little block at a time, then half a block, when the end was near.  For a couple of Christmases, he would get a big box of Russell Stover’s from a salesman, and that was a real treat! I felt like a Princess, with a small plate and 2 fancy chocolates (that was all, it had to be rationed!)  The salesman probably thought he was doing something special for the kids, and probably in a roundabout way he was. They never got a chocolate, but they did have a mom who was peaceful at 3pm, and that is sort of a gift, right?  Ok, once in while, when I was feeling generous, they would get one, but really…who gives chocolates to a 2 year old? That is just asking for trouble, in my opinion.

it was rejuvenating, when there were 3 kids under 5 in the household. Even when they were all in school, and gone from 8 to 3, I kept up the afternoon hour o’ power, that resulted in Happy Mom when they got home. It is something to look forward to, watching the clock for 1pm, knowing that it means stopping, resting, refilling, recharging, whatever you want to call it.

even now, with 3 of them adults and living on their own, and the last one a teenager and pretty much independent, the cup of coffee and chocolate is something I won’t consider giving up. It might change to decaf, and the chocolate has definitely improved in quality, but it is still there.

#4 gives me a box of chocolate for Christmas, and another one for my birthday every year, it is enough to last, and The Good Kind. Not Godiva truffles, mind you, but Ghiradelli squares of dark….I love the raspberry filled ones… Definitely an improvement over Hershey’s, but I am not knocking those either, there will always be a fondness for it, because of Himself’s recognition that, as a mom, I needed it.

now I am sitting here in a comfortable recliner, wearing that awkward orthopedic boot as well as another device for arch lifting, reminiscing about the Good Old Days When The Kids Were Young, and feeling really grateful that those days are past. They were good while they lasted, but it is time for a new phase. Time for a new cup, a new kind of chocolate.



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5 Responses to Old habits

  1. Bella Rum says:

    Ghiradelli is devine, but Hershy’s is good enough to do the trick. I love how you kept it sacred. How sweet that #4 keeps the tradition going. And, by the way, what the heck does he think he’s doing by being a teenager. Stop that stuff right now.

  2. Judy says:

    Oh yes–I have to have some chocolate candy everyday!!! Today, it was a handful of chocolate covered raisins–healthy ya know. LOL

  3. I have a daily chocolate, as well. Or chocolate everyday. Not sure which way is best said. How’s the boot?

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