My house is Heidi Montag Part 2

Ok, so the guy came yesterday and gave us a bid on the work on the house, all nicely broken down into a long list of “needs doing”. There is a LOT of ‘needs doing’. Pretty much all of it needs doing, from replacing rotten wood, to scraping and painting and pressure washing (before the painting) even all those tedious paned windows. Yes. He is going to scrap and recaulk all the windows and squirt in foam here and there, and redo the fireplace chimbley (that what he called it but hey, he’s the one up there so I am not judging)where it’s trying to separate from the roof, including getting a sweep in there and capping it so the swifts will quit coming in, also putting on a new metal roof (more expensive than a normal shingled roof but warranted for 40 years), gutters, and sealing the bricks. I was thinking “ok this is going to take a couple of months” when he said “now, it’s going to take a while, maybe as long as 3 weeks” and I said “That long? well ok, I know it’s a lot of work.” When he handed me the estimate I thought “ok, maybe we will put off doing the patio for a couple of years.” But that’s ok. The house needs doing. The good news is that Sherwin Williams is having a 30% off sale on house paint, and we haven’t had much rain so the ground is nice and dry and will hold scaffolding ok.

David (#2 son) is working hard every day on prepping the back for the raised beds. The prep work is the hardest part, really, certainly the most tedious and least satisfying. Once that is done, though, the beds will go right in. Last post I said something about 6 cubic yards of dirt. Let me rephrase that. 24 cubic yards of topsoil are in 2 piles in the back yard. As well as a pile about half that of wood chips from the stump grinding, which will be used on the walkways between the beds. Today, some 450 cinderblocks for building the beds will be delivered. Saturday, 15 bales of wheatstraw will be picked up from TBM, 12 bales of peatmoss from Lowe’s, and I am doing a search for chicken and horse poo. Barn sweepings will work, because dadgum that black cow manure in bags is kinda pricey! I am going to make those layered types of beds, straw on the bottom, then dirt, then peat, then compost. Depending on what’s being planted, more straw on top. It helps keep the dirt from drying out and keeps tender plants a bit cooler.

I am in a holding pattern on the front yard. It needs doing, but it is difficult to think about right now. I don’t know a whole lot about planting shrubs, other than some need to go in in the Spring, and some in the Fall or Winter. It would be nice to have perrenial perineal  pereniel  darn it…you know…those flowers that come back every year like day lilies and rubeckia and such…in there as well,and right now is the time to plant them, but they don’t need to go in until after the shrubs so no…not yet there either. A plan needs to be drawn up as well. I bought a fancy pants landscaping program that keeps locking up, so that was a waste. Back to graph paper it is. However, between all the vegetable garden excitement and the house facelift/tummy tuck/boob job/botox/lip plumping/toenail scrape and the wedding in July…i can’t even. I just can’t. it is on the back burner. I don’t even care that whoever drives by can’t see the pretty things happening in the back while the front remains a bare muddy wasteland.  Priorities, don’t you know. And since I am not a make-up wearing dresses-nice-and-gets-weekly-pedicures type of person, the front yard does not bother me.

I guess a pedicure and hair cut should be scheduled before the wedding, as I will be wearing sandals…only, people won’t be looking at my feet…so maybe not.  Whatever.

Once the house is pretty on the outside, I am going to whip everyone into action, and get all the shi…er…cr…i mean…stuff put away and tidy and not piled around because we are all too lazy busy to put it back where it belongs when we are done with it. I say WE because I am just as bad about it. I might even do something Pinteresty and make clever bins from old pallets and paint them with chevrons and decorate with burlap bows to keep the rustic flea-market find (LOOK WHAT I FOUND! i should be featured on Hometalk!) tools in. Or not.

Really, all I want is to have a pretty house that isn’t mildewed and peeling. With a garden growing vegetables I can swap for eggs, or leave on the neighbors front porches. And flowers to pick.


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4 Responses to My house is Heidi Montag Part 2

  1. jerseechik says:

    You’ll be saving electricity when the work is done, so maybe the patio can be done sooner than now seems possible.
    Get a pedicure for the wedding! If your shoes are open-toed, it will give guests something nice to say to you as an icebreaker. If they are close-toed, it’ll be your secret. Either way, you’ll be standing up a lot that day and will be glad you had your feet pampered beforehand.

  2. Judy says:

    Well–I’m exhausted just reading “The Plan”, but excited because it would be something I also did, when I was your age. Don’t forget that Red Bud tree 🙂

  3. joannajenkins50 says:

    I think a pedicure while all that work and noise and dust is going on is a perfect escape for you. Go! Enjoy! Relax!
    xo jj

  4. rootietoot says:

    We have a short vacation planned in July, after the wedding, but I may decide a day at the beach (an hour away) could be in order, once the real noise and stuff starts.

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