Everything’s coming up roses!

No, really. All (however many, I haven’t counted, but there’s 4 more soaking pre-planting) of them. Blooming like gangbusters. It smells like roses and honeysuckle in the cool of the morning and during that last heat of the evening. Gosh I love the South. So fragrant, whether it’s that lovely stuff or the possum splat 50 yards down the road. O the aromas!

The Dress, save for the final-2-days-before-the-wedding stitches (one must make allowances for pre-wedding fasts and nerves and all) is DONE. All the hard stuff, the hand sewing on of scalloped trim and those 1000-ish (ok maybe not that many, but let’s call it 9 episodes of CSI New York) tiny pearls, that is ALL DONE. WHEW. And yes, she seems really happy with it and her mother teared up and sniffed. That’s a good sign, when the mother cries, and you know it’s not because of the cost of the fabric, that it turned out well. I will post pictures after the wedding.

We are starting on Serious Landscaping with our house. The inside is about finished, save the decoration stuff. That can go slow. Oh, except for moving the laundry area from the kitchen to a real honest laundry ROOM. I have never had one of those. Shuffling and rearranging and moving stuff from here to there will open up a small room and…it is all very exciting. I will feel like a Real Grownup having a laundry room. Anyway. Next week, a crew is coming to remove all 30 pine trees from our yard. 30 of these 80 foot tall cockroaches-of-the-plant-world. Also, every last bit of shrubbery. All of it. Our yard is going to be a blank slate, fresh and ready for a whole new look. Maybe even sod. We are looking into that. If not sod,  certainly a reseeding. But wouldn’t sod be nice!  As for new planting, the trees need to go first so the light issues can be evaluated. Those trees make a whole lot of shade.

Also…my sad little too-shady-to-be-useful vegetable garden will become sunny, and expanded by about 3 times, and a white picket fence and an arbor for the roses and real walkways between the beds and I keep looking at pictures of raised bed gardens in magazines and wanting THOSE.

Cinder Block GardenNot my garden, but kind of like this….


You know, this whole garden process is good for documenting, no? There definitely should be some good before-during-and-after photos. This could be fun!

Also…roses (these are all from my garden)

DSC_0095Cascade mini rose and David Austin English rose “Crocus”

DSC_0096Hybrid Musk rose “Felicia”

DSC_0099David Austin Rose “Lady Emma Hamilton”

DSC_0100David Austin Rose “Comte de Champagne” and yelllow swamp irises


DSC_0119Old Gallica rose “Tuscany Superb” This one was squashed by a falling tree this winter, but gamely soldiered on and produced 3 flowers. Gotta love those tough old roses.

DSC_0121A very tiny rose, no idea what kind, on long drooping canes

DSC_0127Light pink “New Dawn” foreground, hot pink Zephirine Drouhine” Bourbon rose background

David Austin "Golden Celebration"

David Austin “Golden Celebration”

Cascade mini rose

Cascade mini rose


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2 Responses to Everything’s coming up roses!

  1. joannajenkins50 says:

    Tears are definitely a GREAT sign the wedding dress is perfect. I hope we get to see the lovely bride in it???

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