The past few weeks have been raucously active. For me, anyway. I mean, I know people who’s daily lives are mapped by the minute because that’s the only way all of it can get done. I am more of the “one thing a day because any more than that confuses me” type of person. Also I have a lazy streak about half a mile wide and more than one thing a day harshes my mellow. (harsh’s? Whatever)

Anyway…we now have new floors on the main level of our house. The old ones were irrevocably damaged by an assortment of water-related issues. mostly involving people taking the filter basket off the front loading washer in search of spare change, then not putting it back on right, so the entirety of the water in the machine pumped onto the floor the next time it was used, and of course that wasn’t discovered until later in the day, when walking across the floor included squishing water up between the seams of the old flooring. Now that the searcher lives elsewhere, there hasn’t been an incident since. We felt confident enough to replace the old with new and did so. And it is lovely. The house isn’t put back together yet, as the baseboards aren’t in place and the furniture, which will be radically rearranged (translation: relocated to entirely different rooms in entirely different configuations, which makes it feel like we have moved to a whole new house and is also an excellent time to get rid of unnecessary shi…er…stuff) has yet to be radically rearranged, as it will take Grown Men to do so, and all the Grown Men around here have stressful day jobs.  However, the 3 month mark is a long way off, and as long as it is done within 3 months, I can say “it didn’t take as long as it took to do the new kitchen, so I am ok with it.”  3 months of cooking with a hot plate on a card table will do all sorts of things to one’s perspective on stuff.  The floor installation was, as with anything involving any sort of renovation, Not Straightforward. It appeared so, at first. Take Up Old Floor, Put Down New Floor. Easy peasy, 1 week job. We dealt with most of the furniture so the floor guys wouldn’t have to. Take Up Old Floor was a snap. however, there was Moisture, The Devil underneath. Also, Older flooring underneath, that had to come up. That added about 5 days, as once the Older floor came up the concrete slab had to dry.  Then as the new stuff was installed, the dudes doing the work (Nice guys, Scooter and Fred. Did a great job in spite of circumstances) got sick. Like….Bad Cold w/coughing and kleenex. Which meant they didn’t work as fast and what normally would take a day and a half took 3 days. Not to mention my paranoia and lysol wipes and hand sanitizer. BUT, it all got done and now we have new floors, AND, in conversation with Fred at one point, I asked what they did with old carpet removed from other places and he asked why did I ask and I replied that the stuff makes the BEST groundcover under mulch (seriously! Weeds do NOT grown through it yet it is permeable for water and if it’s old likely most of the formaldehyde has gassed off and it’s FREE) so he brought me a huge pile of it, conveniently cut into 4 foot wide strips…which is a WHOLE ‘NOTHER PROJECT FOR HIMSELF! Because Himself has way too much spare time these days.

Ok so there’s that.

Then there’s this Wedding Dress which seems to be in a near perpetual state of “Almost finished!” Only now, it’s truly Almost Finished. I ought to get it done today, since it is going to rain. Except for the train, and that is on the agenda for the upcoming week. In fact, I am going to do all I can to completely block out a couple of days for that. Tuesday and Thursday both look good so DON’T CALL ME, OK?

Then there is all this school stuff and the dogs stuff and the constant guilt of looking out in the yard that has crossed over from lawn to being a Meadow w/ Wildflowers (pink oxalis and yellow dandelions and a clump of blooming dewberry vines), (also all the pine cones I didn’t pick up all winter), (which I am sure irritate the snot out of our neighbor who takes care of his yard religiously but he doesn’t have anything else to do and I do).  Normally #4 does the lawn but between rain on the weekends when he usually mows, and play practice and soccer practice/games every afternoon, and homework, and all the other trappings of a normal 15 year old (oh crap, I still haven’t gotten him in to get his learner’s permit!), time has been nonexistent.

plus every single time there is TIME to mow, it rains. Yep, Today is a Day Off and #4 has/had every intention of mowing but we are predicted to get 3 inches of rain today, which means not only can he not mow today, he won’t be able to until late next week due to Mushy Yard Syndrome (which also will elicit harsh words and lowered Greek eyebrows from the neighbor, who is convinced that all water runoff down our driveway is overflowing sewage, never mind the septic tank and drainfield are not located in an area that would runoff down the driveway. Apparently gravity is irrelevant in this situation). Also, all that rain will cause the Meadow to grow. By next weekend we will need a bushhog instead of a lawnmower.

For some reason these days everything is taking longer to get done. Time was, many years ago, predicting how long a thing would take was easy and accurate. Getting in the car and going somewhere, even with 3 preschool kids (22 years ago) wasn’t difficult and I was able to be punctual. Now? With just me and no one else to deal with? Being prompt is difficult. It can still be pulled off, but only with the building in of an extra 15 minutes because of “I can’t find my phone!” and “It’s too cold and where’s the sweater that matches this shirt?” and speaking of phone I just remembered that it was honking it’s “Fixing to Die” sound last night and it never got put on the charger because I stole the charger for the Kindle even though we have about 20 spare chargers around here and none of them can ever be found except when they aren’t needed and are tangling up something else.

I thought things were supposed to get easier as the kids grew up and left home.


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3 Responses to Whoo!

  1. Judy says:

    I love your blog!! Entertains me so much. Oh, gosh–I remember those day. You will get no relief until all kidlets are gone–living somewhere else–and then, you will have so much time on your hands you may just lapse into a coma from boredom!!!

    • rootietoot says:

      I seem to be more active now that the kids have mostly moved out, only 1 out of 4 is left, but he is the one who needs the most driving around. However, he will be 16 in a year, and do his own driving then.

  2. Juli says:

    Change a few details, and you’re describing my life. (Note how far behind I am on my RSS feed.)

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