Spring Cleaning

It’s a tradition, right? Springtime in the South means pollen, and lots of it. Not just pollen-my-nose-itches but thick visible clouds of yellow billowing out of trees with a breeze, yellow dust covering cars that turns to a paste when it’s humid…which is almost always. Cleaning during Pollen Season is pointless. Really. Yesterday Himself and I drove past the local car wash place and cars were lined up out in the road and we pondered the wisdom of that, since in 3 hours the cars would be yellow again. I kind of understand it, I guess. Some people are kind of compulsive about their cars being clean, as I am compulsive about the kitchen. However, in The World According to Rootie, cleaning during this 6 weeks is pretty much an exercise in futility.

However! Once the trees quit their vigorous acts of reproduction all over the place it is safe to clean again. And The Toot Household is preparing for this with much enthusiasm as can be mustered between sneezing and yellow eye boogers. O yes. We are getting New Floors. Also, because stuff has to be shuffled for floors, might as well organize at the same time, right? RIGHT! There is this utility room, which houses the hot water heater and a bunch of shelves on which many things were randomly piled with no thought to anything except “I can put this here and close the door and ignore it.” But, because the freezer was going to be moved in there, the ignored piles of stuff had to be dealt with and so it was. You know those clear boxes with the lids, the big ones? I love those things. Those were bought and put to use. Himself moved his shelf full of handtools out to his shop. Freezer was emptied and cleaned…because of course. One cannot move a freezer into another room without first taking it outside and bleaching it. That Is How It Is Done. Moving the freezer resulted in the discovery of God Only Knows How Old It Is…as well as WHAT it is…packages of something unidentifiable. If one doesn’t know what it is, one should get rid of it.

Have you ever noticed how, as you get older, nothing is ever straight forward anymore?

The cleaning of the utility room has me in a mood to clean and organize other things. Closets, #4’s Dark Hole of a bedroom, with it’s funky odor of adolescent shoes and weeks-old ham sandwiches; and the patio. Now that is something else that isn’t straight forward.

What is there to cleaning a patio? Sweep it, right? Maybe a wash with a pressure washer or something…not so complicated, eh. Phhpt. I wish. It’s brick ,with weeds growing up through the cracks. Roundup. There’s pine trees, thus pine straw and cones with the weeds, oh and loose bricks from the pine tree roots heaving them up (not my idea to have the trees. talk to the guy who planted them 47 years ago when he built the house.) Also lots of furniture, like any kind of room. A grill (and not a small weber either. A massive many burner JennAir thing), a smoker (ditto), dining table and 6 chairs, easy chairs, fire pit, etc. Sigh.

And then there’s the attic. We discussed it a bit ago. no one has been up there or inquired about it’s contents for several years. Perhaps we should go away for a few days (or weeks) and ask the local university Fellowship group to go up there, and sell everything that’s up there to raise funds, and simply never tell us anything about it. I don’t even KNOW what’s up there and there is concern amongst us that if we find out, there might be reminiscing and a desire to keep this or that and obviously that stuff isn’t THAT important or it would be down HERE and not up THERE.

There is a closet full of double bed sheets. We don’t have a double bed. Another closet full of old toys that might be great for grandkids but we don’t have any. hopefully one day, but do I want to hold on to stuff Just in Case, when half the fun of toys is in the getting of them?

So much to do, and only one of me to do them. And no. I don’t really want the men involved.

But there is a lot of satisfaction to getting the house in order. Standing in the door of a room just finished, and seeing everything in it’s place is kind of…inspiring. It doesn’t have to be a fancy room, with color coordinated everything and Pottery Barn Martha Stewart-Approved Deco-Balls. The sheets can be 20 years old, but if the blankets are folded and the books are in a row, it’s satisfying.

now THAT is a satisfying way to clean. ^^^


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4 Responses to Spring Cleaning

  1. Judy says:

    I have been “spring cleaning” since February 1st because–we had 4 foot snow piles and there was nothing to do and…I wanted it done before spring (if it ever arrives) so then I can be outside digging and cleaning gardens. Yes–it is very satisfying to have rooms cleaned and organized and looking spiffy–until the next week, when it all needs to be dusted and vacuumed again. Woman’s work–never done.

  2. jerseechik says:

    You have always kept a lovely, welcoming home. I imagine sitting on the back patio, knowing that it’s orderly inside as well, will make Spring a joy!

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