Traditional Family Values

One of our household Christmas Traditions is the Unreasonable Gift Request. It started when the boys were young enough to believe they could possibly get whatever they asked for, and had absolutely no clue about what “budget” meant.

When they were old enough to know about video games, and the household favorite was Mech Warrior (it featured these giant ‘battle mechs’ which looked like huge robots but had a person inside controlling it…like Transformers, only people), and each one wanted a Battle Mech of his own. Now, there is a guy in Japan (of course Japan) who makes them, for a cool $1.3 million you can have your very own.

Over the years,  the requests have evolved as the boys’ desires changed. Preteens want Ferraris. Now that they are grown-ish, the requests reflect their individual personalities a bit more.

#1 hasn’t yet made his Unreasonable Request, but I think it would be along the lines of an apartment in Seattle or a world-trip.

#2 asked for a Cray XK-7, which is a desktop supercomputer with 500,000 scaly procs and 50 petaflops. Whatever.  And it’s about $90K.

#3 requested a gun. Of course. Not just any gun tho, a fancy gun. A $15K gun. Huh.

#4 asked for 10 pounds of uranium ore. Apparently not enough to cause our hair to fall out, but enough to be interesting. He even researched vendors. Go ahead, click on it.  Then read the comments.

I love my sons, but not that much.

I don’t have Unreasonable Requests. I don’t wear jewelry and already have a fancy car, and it’s far too warm here for a fur coat to be practical. When we first married it was made abundantly clear to Himself that any gift that had a power cord and was used for a household task was Not Allowed.He has kept to that. Only, this year I asked for a meat slicer. The former edict was meant to apply to things like blenders and vacuum cleaners. I prefer to think of a meat slicer as more of a power tool than an appliance, along the lines of his radial arm saw or drill press. I don’t know if I’ll get it, and if not, that’s ok.  Like I said last post, it’s not about what happens on December 25.


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3 Responses to Traditional Family Values

  1. Bella Rum says:

    Unreasonable Gift Request? I like it. I’ll have to go think about mine. Maybe a vacation house in Hawaii. Not bad for off the top of my head.

  2. I want a Hobbit house. A real, true, functional Hobbit house! I LIKE this game!

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