Well, that was fun!

Today was spent doing something entirely new. Something we had never done before and while it was comfortable and familiar in that the whole process was the same as many other times,and the people were the same and the event itself was similar, the result was something I had never experienced before and it was…really cool!

you see, #4 son runs cross country with his small school team. (I need to leave the auto correct corrections because they err often ridiculous) (see?) How small? It is a school obat out …about…230. That is from k to 12. Anyway, cross country running. The team? Today was the state championship for their division. The Adam? Team? The Adam…the team came in first place. seethe  status. Dangitbecause  good grief. First place in the state. That is right. My son is on the first place armaments .  Good grief. TEAM (armaments??? Seriously autocorrect?) He also beat his personal time last week by 5 minutes, then beset….what? BEAT that time by anything minute today! ON HILLS! Another…not anything. No, he didn’t place, but his time hit removed …has improved by ten minutes over the season. Proud mama?? YAH YOUBETCHA!

anyway, the new experience of the day involved going to  a state championship thing, seeing my sons team win a shiny trophy and do things like hoot and dump ice water on the coach. Several of e kids beat their personal best times. Mind you, #4 is no speed demon. But the team is a team, and all the boys cheered for all the boys, from the first tithe…to the llast this is hard enough  n it’s own butmthendogs are determined to help…

anway…I have neve had a kid do a state championship thing, even with a small division private school thing and it is a new sensation.  The sense of team and sportsmanship should give encouragement tithe older generation about the upcoming one.  The courtesy shown from team to ute am, dangitbecause….team…to…team was delightful. Everyone encouraging everyone, from the kid that came in first at 18 minutes to the last one at 28 minus sets…minutes, all cheeses …cheers…and no razzing or jeering. It was heartwarming. Particulayay for me,  I mean..particularly, for me, since #4 was more toward the back of the pack, yet people waited and cheered instead of wandering off to do something else  and leaving the last stragglers to chug in alone and unnoticed. Nope, they were cheered as had as the first heroes of the race.

Anyway, that is the new thing of the day and I am proud of my boy!


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2 Responses to Well, that was fun!

  1. Bella Rum says:

    Congrats to #4 and to all. Enjoy the moment.

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