Yet another diet post

It is going prey …pretty (note: I am refusing to turn off auto correct or correct it because sometimidiot can entertaining)…well all things confided…considered like the whole red meat dairy and fat restrictions.  I et half as much as I used to and am not having trouble with it. I snacks bit more but it’s stuff I am supposed to eat more of anyway, olive fruits and vegetables. Not olive…like…like fruits and vets. Whatever. Vegs. I do not eat vets, neigh dang it. Neither veterans nor animal doctors. Plants. I eand plants and lots of them. Eat. I don’t even know what wand …eand…means.

i do not know if I have lost weight yet, as scales are not in my lexicon. However there is a particular pair of pants I will try  on next week sometime. Those are the gauge by which diet efforts are gauged. With apologies to mr. bailey for using gauged twice in a sentence. I know better but there it is anyway.

i am an all-or-nothing dieter. I cannot have a sip of someone else’s milkshake, because I will want one for myself and get my feelings hurt. No sips and I am fine. No ‘just a bites’ and no ‘one won’t hurt’. it is when there is no one else around that is a problem. If there are people around I do not want to be a hypocritical dieter and say ‘oh this time it will be fine’…except on the cruise upcoming then all bets are off because, well…seriously, a cruise. And it was planned long before the 12 year old nephrologist told me I was fat and needed quatliy…what? Quality time with Himslef in the form of exercise. So fine. I don’t know what I will do then. Probably just eat half of whatever I get and call it ‘doing the best I can under the circumstances’ .

Except the muffins at church. I will eat a whole muffin and delight in the pecans on top. They are Muffins To The Glory Of God and I will not waste ones of one. Half, that is. Half of one.


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4 Responses to Yet another diet post

  1. Barbara says:

    So, I have a proposition for ya. See this here? I’ve been through it once before with good results BUT since I have zero accountability at home I tend to slide back which tells me the heart change hasn’t really happened yet, and that study addresses the heart at length, it is biblically solid but the mentor you get might be a legalist or might not (when I tried to go back through it a second time I got a real legalist who basically said I was sinning if I ate one morsel more than my body needed to function, so I dropped out). I have the book at home (from Amazon) which I prefer since it’s in hand for easy access to review things as opposed to having to go back online – and anyway I would like to go through it again because it really is good and theologically sound but I know me well enough to know I need to do it WITH someone. Why don’t you look at it and tell me if you think it’s something you’d like to try and if so we could walk through it together?

  2. Bella Rum says:

    I’m with you, Rootie. I climbed back on the wagon last week – walking every day and eating less. You will get no judgement from me if you fall off the wagon on your cruise. I ate like a truck driver when I was on vacation and loved every minute of it. I ate red meat, mashed potatoes, apple pie, waffles. I was a mess but had a great time. I do use a scale but I know you’re right. The clothes and the way we feel is the way to go. Much luck.

  3. I have lost 15 lbs in 3 weeks, just from eliminating soda. I now do meal replacement shakes during the day and eat a normal supper, just smaller portions. No dessert is made. I can’t let myself feel deprived or else I rebel. So if I want to eat something, I will. I just make sure its a small portion and not every day all day. I have Halloween candy left, so I allow myself a bite sized stickers because it’s only 80 calories. But this keeps me from feeling deprived so I can stick to just having 1.

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