Oh no, another diet post!

So. I saw the nephrologist yesterday. He’s a new guy. There was nothing wrong with the old one, but he’s acquired a partner and fobbed me off on him because I am boring (kidney-wise) . The new guy is a 12 year old Indian “I am from India by way of Philadelphia” he stated), fresh out of school (why else would he be in East-Middle Notmuch, Georgia?). He’s nice enough, and spent a good 45 minutes asking questions and fondling my ankles. Nephrologists do that, to determine water retention issues. I got a lecture on lack of exercise and non-lack of weight. “Nobody ever died of exercise, in my experience.” he said. (“you do not HAVE any experience!” I thought)  “Do not eat cheese or red meat” I was told, when he showed the lab results. Kidney function is down, below the range of “normal”. Last time I visited it was at the low end of normal and I guess there was too much celebration in the form of salty things and fatty things and cheese and red meat.. And bacon. No More Bacon. I have a 12 year old sadist for a doctor now.

So, because I am a good little soldier, a visit to the store was made. Vegetables and fruits were purchased, plans were implemented for the short term, and plans were made to make real long term dietary returns to what happened 4 years ago when those 20 pounds went on vacation…only vacation tho, because they returned and brought Son Of 20 Pounds with them.

damn cookies.  Why do you have to be so delicious with coffee?

So  a visit to the Bi-Lo ensued,and plant materials were thrown in the buggy. I recalled his admonition to cut back on the grains. Not “low carb”, so sweet potatoes and fruits are good, just lay off the grains. Ok, I think that can be managed. Also, no more cheese. What on Earth am I supposed to have for LUNCH?? Cheese and crackers are norm, with a tall glass of (low salt) V-8, easy, convenient, and requires no forethought.  Anything from a can or a box (like soup, or frozen meals) are out, due to sodium concerns. So, in the short term, lunch today is a baked sweet potato, easy enough. I’ll sprinkle on a bit of cinnamon and be good to go. Snack: kale chips. Good enough, I like them. Supper tonight, I am making chicken and dumplings for the menfolk. I’ll have chicken soup sans dumplings. Sigh.

Ok, so I am fully aware of the dietary requirements for weight loss, that also include the dreaded Exercise. I am trying to convince myself that exercise is FUN! that I will ENJOY it! He suggested I take a walk in the evening with my husband and use the time to talk and improve our relationship. “It is good to spend time alone with your husband, and you will both benefit physically and spiritually.” great. I have a 12 year old (SINGLE! I might add!) advisor. This is going to take some getting used to.

What I would like are some snack suggestions. I am not a good snacker. I would like interesting things, more so than an apple or a handful of baby carrots. I am already considering cooking some chickpeas and roasting them to make a crunchy sort of spicy thing. I love crunchy spicy things (like wasabi peas! yum!) but must also avoid nuts (high in potassium, bad for kidneys)  What do you suggest?

And dadgummit, I just bought a bunch of new clothes that fit. They’ll be too big (God willing!) and I’ll have to buy MORE new clothes! I hate shopping!


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22 Responses to Oh no, another diet post!

  1. *raising hand and jumping up and down* Ooh! Ooh! I know!
    (maybe because in a previous life I invested a few years of my career in dialysis/renal nursing) ….

    Good recipes – go here: http://www.davita.com and click on “kidney friendly recipes” That will get you started. These recipes involve restrictions that you don’t have to deal with at this point in time so they should fit in well. They are also marked as whether they are appropriate for those with sugar (diabetics) and/or cholesterol (heart) restrictions. I have heard lots of folks ask the dieticians, “There is so much that I can’t eat, just tell me what I CAN eat”. Those recipes help. I can also point you to charts etc if you want. We want to keep you away from that position and that chair….

    Which nephrologist were you seeing before the new guy?

    • Correction….when you click on an individual recipe it will say whether the recipe is for “CKD non-dialysis” (that’s you), “dialysis” and “diabetes”. You’re on your own for the cholesterol part.

      • rootietoot says:

        thanks! The cholesterol part I can handle via red meat and dairy restriction. sigh. What I really want are handy dandy things I can nibble on during the day, along the lines of the kale chips and roasted chickpeas. I think I’ll make soups and freeze them, to zap for lunch. I love soup.

    • rootietoot says:

      Dr. Atekha. I am looking at the Davita site now!

      • I love Dr. Atekha. Worked with him in Vidalia when he first came here.

        Notice the first category on Davita’s site is “Appetizers and Snacks” 🙂

      • rootietoot says:

        Here’s Dr. Atekha:
        “Aaalooo Mam! How you this fine daayyy!” I really like him too 🙂
        Then there was this one:
        “You know that family with the show of 20 kids? My mam had 21 kids and NO SHOW.”

  2. Bella Rum says:

    Son Of 20 Pounds? I know him well. You are too funny, but I feel your pain. I could never make chicken n’ dumplings for my family and not eat any of them. You strong woman. I did serious damage on this vacation and will be in the same boat with you. but the water line will be a little higher on my end of the boat. I have so much to lose this time. Scary.

    • rootietoot says:

      I ate a dumpling. They were buttermilk, fluffy and perfect. I am weak.

      • Bella Rum says:

        One dumpling is not weak. I’m proud of you. I would eat a gallon bucketful. My grandmother and aunt could not afford expensive food. Often, they would make a huge pot of chicken and dumplings when we visited. I couldn’t wait to visit them. They raised the chickens so they were cheap and the rest was flour. Such a good memory.

      • rootietoot says:

        One of our early-marriage arguments was about dumplings. I was raised on biscuit dough ones, he on ‘strip dumplings’ that are kind of thin and noodle-like. He got very excited when I said I was making chicken and dumplings for supper, then wanted to know “WHAT ON EARTH” were soggy biscuits were doing in there.

  3. My computer is dead, so I haven’t been able to commiserate but I am also dieting. Sorta. Self imposed at that. I stopped drinking Pepsi and have lost enough from that to make me annoyingly motivated.

    • rootietoot says:

      this dieting thing is hard. I never realized just how much butter and other fats I ate. Also simple carbs like white stuff. Gravy makes everything taste better and my gravy is made with either sausage drippings or butter. I am doing the best I can but twice now, due to stress from The World, I’ve had a Drink.

  4. Real butter is certain fats are healthy. Just gotta find the right kind. Substitute gluten free stuff for cooking and baking. Cuts down on a lot of calories and carbs.

    • Barbara says:

      “For dieters who focus their gluten-free efforts on eating more lean protein, fruits and vegetables, the diet can produce some initial weight loss, registered dietitian and nutritionist Jennifer Neily said.

      “You clean up your eating habits by taking away white flour, sugar, junk food and other things you should be limiting anyway,” she said.

      “But dieters shouldn’t be fooled. Weight loss comes from reducing calories, not the absence of gluten. When you cut out whole food groups, Neily said, you have fewer choices and tend not to eat as much. Problems arise when taste buds get bored and dieters go in search of junk food.”


  5. Except, that cut calorie only mentality has been debunked time and time again. Also- nothing th err contradicts my actual point. You can substitute gluten free when you cook, in order to lower some carbs and calories. Had I said eat it all day every day, that link would be relevant. But occasionally wanting bread and using gluten free instead of enriched white flour is a better way. Fat shaming happens when that ” you’re just eating too many calories” mentality comes into play. It ignores metabolic function as well as hormonal function. 100 calories of protein are not the same as 100 calories of sugar. They aren’t metabolized the same. Any diet based soley on calories in calories out is based on outdated science.

    • Barbara says:

      Surely it isn’t simple math and there are other processes involved, but gluten free bread substitutes rice for grain but rice is a carb too so to say that gluten-free reduces carbs is inaccurate. The only difference is in its effect on the digestive system for those with celiac disease. It remains a pricey fad for the rest of us and a money-maker for those getting rich off of it.

  6. The carbs you get are better carbs your body processes more easily instead of turning into sugar and being stored. In essence, it’s fewer carbs and they’re used as fuel not storage. Enriched white flour is terrible. If occasionally you splurge and have gravy, it’s a healthier gravy if you use gluten free flour. It’s not a healthy gravy, just healthier than the real deal. When you take in good calories, you take in more but it’s used. My caloric intake is now higher than before, but I’m losing weight because they’re the calories I need, not filling crap calories from things like soda. And I keep junk calories low, but still splurge when I want something like that. I’ll eat the small 80 calorie bite sized stickers instead of a full sized one. I add kale and spinach to my breakfast smoothie and use almond milk instead of cows milk. Which I thought I’d hate and only hippie health nuts liked, but it’s actually pretty good. When I bake, now I substitute with less processed stuff like enriched flour and sugar so my baked goods are healthier. Again, not healthy but healthier than the real deal. Real butter is healthier than margarine. That stuff is like 1 molecule away from plastic. You just have to take in the fats your body sees as mmmm fuel instead of eh, storage. As of this morning I’ve lost 18 lbs in just over 3 weeks. And no, I don’t exercise, aside from house work and chasing the dogs around. My skinny jeans are falling off my butt and my great butt yoga pants no longer snugly fit. And it’s not due to some strict calorie counting diet, or never letting junk food slip past my lips. That kind of dieting is temporary and why people yo yo..

    • Barbara says:

      Gluten-free is a dietary need for celiac sufferers, a fad for the rest of us. What you describe is less of a limitation of gluten (wheat/barley/rye) and more of a focus on complex carbohydrates over and above simple carbohydrates (enriched flour and white rice). Which is right and reasonable and healthy. Certainly avoiding non-foods is also right and reasonable and healthy. There is no magic formula or pill, it still comes down to diet and exercise for optimal health and avoid falling prey to society’s ever-changing ideas of beauty. God gives us another kind of beauty to strive for. 🙂

      18 lbs in 3 weeks is primarily excess water flushing out from the tissues and muscles, so it will plateau out soon. Also if you’re eliminating a food group or two,. Genuine fat loss will happen at a rate closer to 1/2-2 lbs/week max. Take care not to lose muscle in the process, you need regular lean protein intake (approx 1/2 gram per pound of body weight per day) and regular weight-bearing aerobic exercise, both for muscle and bone health as well as for overall metabolism.

      After 25 years as an RN, I make a living counseling people about their health for their long-term wellbeing, including diet and healthy lifestyles. Generally speaking the anecdotal wisdom we get on the internet is sorely lacking any kind of real data to back up the claims. Evidence-based recommendations do have the data to back it up. So it’s good to listen to Registered Dieticians such as the one interviewed in the article I posted previously, instead of the sorts of online justifications, moneymakers, and fads that fill up the net.

  7. Staying away from gluten free ingredients that have corn starch or potato starch is important. You have to read past gluten free and find what uses brown rice or whole grain rice. And not look at is as a meal replacement, but an occasional treat ingredient replacement for the special occasion you treat yourself.

  8. rootietoot says:

    *watching the back and forth, eating non fat low salt gluten free fake Cheetos *

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