confession time

You all know I like to cook. On facebook I’m constantly posting write-ups of the latest concoction for dinner, using locally sourced produce and fancy pants unpronounceable bits of stuff that can only be found in places 3 hours drive from here.

Today, I am in a confessing mood. Maybe it’s the weather, which is open-windows wonderful, maybe it’s the tending-to of Himself, recovering from arm surgery, and it’s resultant lack of tingly evening adult libations. Anyway. I confess that there are an  assortment of….ahem…Less Than Fancy foods I enjoy, ezpecially these days when time to fiddle and attention span is lacking. Because as well as  time/attention span issues, there’s also a lack of imagination thing, so I am going to list them. with bullet points, in no particular order other than as they occur to me.

  • Spray cheese in a can on ritz crackers. No particular flavor, as I can’t tell them apart anyway. I hide the can, not because I am asham…ok, because I am ashamed.
  • vienna sausages, but not all the time and NOT with spray cheese from a can. Only in an emergency.
  • Cheetoes, the crunchy kind. PMS food, and when the household menfolk see the bag on the counter, they know to leave me alone for a day or two.
  • potato chips, and not the thick fancy kettle cooked ones either. I like Tom’s. Thin, a little greasy, cheap at the gas station Toms. Vinegar and Salt if they have them.
  • Orange Nehi soda. Try it as a float with vanilla ice cream, it’s like an orange creamsicle!

And now for something completely different. I have this issue with the computer where now and then it deletes a line or moves the cursor so if I’m not paying attention it will all get moved around and make absolutely no sense at all.  I was sur hthere and there it goes. I hava bunch of times as I did that up typesd this like because it did ite it would do this while I tnoou get an idea of what this stuff would look like ifI never edited it.hat but now y does tit idea why.

Now you see why i need the spray cheese on a ritz.


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10 Responses to confession time

  1. Your cursor issue is most likely related to an especially annoying Windows update. I had to do a system restore to a previous date (before that started) and turn off automatic updates. They REALLY need to fix that.

  2. Salt and Vinegar chips are a requirement in this household, especially as the lunar cycle dictates.

    I have no idea on the rest of the items – partially through cultural ignorance, and partially through – well, all through cultural ignorance. We don’t have cheese in a spray can (that I know – and I don’t go looking) and Cheetos are a bit too powdery for me to contemplate unless in a crisis.

  3. Bella Rum says:

    My husband eats vienna sausages sometimes. I love cheetoes and I ate my weight in them over the past couple of weeks. Nothing like cheetoes for stress eating.

  4. Jo says:

    Interesting that your guilty pleasures all lean towards the salty side (except for the pop). You could leave me with a bag of chips and they’d sit there untouched for a month. Now cookies, on the other hand, don’t last a day around me.

  5. Cheetos, oh yes! Puffed OR crunchy. Makes no difference to me. The best part is licking all the orange stuff off your fingers.

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