bits and pieces

We have this kitten now. She’s about I dunno…5 months old or so. Apparently the computer keyboard is a signal for her to get in my face, or rub her warm tuchus all over the touchpad and make it impossible to do anything computorial. Right now she’s tucked into the crook of my left arm and waving her paw over the touchpad while she purrs. It’s too sweet to throw her across the room.

I am FINALLY finishing a coat started over a year ago. It’s heavy cotton duck in carmine red, with a black and white lining and self-colored embroidery on the back and sleeves. When it’s finished sometime in 2015, I’ll post pictures of it. All it’s lacking now if half the hem and buttons/buttonholes. I’d go ahead and finish the hem now except hand sewing that hem has turned the second finger of my right hand (the one used to push the needle) into hamburger. I need a thimble.  Also, decisions need to be made regarding the buttonholes. Fancy embroidered ones to match the back and arms? Those ones I can’t remember the name of that are all tailored with no loose strings anywhere?

Speaking of can’t remember…I can’t remember anything. ANYTHING. There was a movie I wanted to line up for #4 to watch, but I can’t remember the name or even the genre. I forgot to shave one leg this morning. WHO FORGETS THAT?  I am pretty sure there’s something important meant to be remembered but…Normally there’s a notebook next to the chair, but…that’s right. I forgot to put it there. Typically, I remember that I can’t remember anything, and keep the notebook handy to write things down as soon as they’re thought of, hard to do if the notebook isn’t around, and if I went to look for it I’d forget what was being looked for, and wind up shaving one leg or something.

Recent movie/tv show stuff: British crime dramas…far and away superior to American crime dramas, which rely on guts and gore and Pretty People and sex and stuff. Let’s see…

Sherlock, Inspector Lewis, and one other with ‘heat’ in the title…I forget everything about it other than it was good.  All of them generally safe for kids if you’re concerned about the guts/gore/sex stuff, tho the topics tend to be mature. Good plots. also…Benedict Cumberbatch, ok..

Speaking of him, I watched Amazing Grace (I know, I’m the last person in this century to see it)…excellent movie and the end made me cry, which isn’t hard to do as that seems to be another symptom along with the forgetfulness…oh I forgot to mention that…

I hear forgetfulness is a symptom of peri/full on menopause. along with the crying. What else? Hot flashes, right…I’ve had a few of those including one that lasted 5 hours. Fortunately it was late January and a freezing rain, so I stood in it and giggled.


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5 Responses to bits and pieces

  1. Bella Rum says:

    Sewing is a mystery to me, an art. Back when I still tried to sew, it was thoroughly frustrating. I don’t mind doing stuff by hand but that machine scares me.

    I remember when I started to lose memory. It was scary when I was in my mid to late forties.I felt like it was progressing, then it leveled off. Thank goodness.

    Once, when I was in the shower, after I washed my hair, I couldn’t remember if i’d washed my body. I had to check my washcloth to see if it was wet.

    One shaved leg. 🙂

    • rootietoot says:

      I didn’t realize until an hour later, so I had to change to pants. Who forgets a whole leg??? At least both pits got shaved, that would have felt really strange.

  2. Barbara says:

    With you, with you, with you. Hot and weepy and just a general hot mess over here too.

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