Juggling acts

So many things happening, almost all of them good, but still, why all at once? It’s like a great big party of stuff and I, being an introvert, would much prefer for things to happen one at a time with a few days in between each event.  Now that I look at it, that’s kind of how it’s happening but in the mix are several surprises which are lovely but the only surprises I handle well are the ones wrapped in pretty paper.


Ok let’s see…

Himself is having surgery to reset an arm that was broken 4 years ago and didn’t heal properly. It was a compound (thoroughly broken and through the skin) of both bones in his lower left arm. Surgery involving plates and pins followed. However, one of the bones healed funny resulting in the other bone twisting and now neither line up right with his wrist and elbow. Therefore, the surgeon is going in, cutting each bone and untwisting the one, replating and repinning, etc. Dr S. called it  “a complex procedure”. Himself will have to spend 10 days at home, and light duty for about 6 weeks. He, I predict, will be good for about 3 days before he starts getting frustrated and twitchy, even WITH the entire set of James Bond movies and about 20 lined up on Netflix and Amazon.  I have turned a bunch of old socks into knots for him to throw at me when the frustration reaches critical mass (I predict, Day 5) I also intend to ask the Dr. for Powerful Drugs with which I can sedate Himself when he starts getting testy. The date for the surgery hasn’t been set yet, but will be sometime soon after August 16, as Dr. S is going on vacation on the 12th. We will both be VERY happy once it’s over, as he has been in some pain now since the last surgery, and it has been getting worse over the last year. Dr.S believes he should have full function restored, even to the point of being able to play golf again. That would be awesome!

#4 got braces yesterday, which involved 3 trips to the dentist first: a cleaning on Friday last week, 4 teeth pulled the following Monday, and a filling the Monday after that (day before yesterday), then braces.  After the braces were installed, 2 of the brackets promptly came loose. We were assured this was normal, tho #4 (bless him, he’s just like me in this respect) was concerned that he was “inconveniencing” the orthodontist’s staff.  Within a couple of hours of getting the braces, his mouth started hurting. By evening, it REALLY hurt and I started giving him the Tylenol 3 h didn’t take when his teeth were pulled.  I remember braces, and the pain of the mouth. And, because I am Just like my mother, made a very difficult-to-eat caesar salad for supper. He was given permission to make a smoothie and some eggs. We also discussed lunch options for school: boiled eggs and bananas..

This past Friday, early afternoon, CJ (who just turned 22!) called and asked if the guest bedroom was ready. Upon learning that it was, he announced he was coming with his girlfriend to spend the weekend, as it was her birthday and she wanted to go to the beach.  I’d been wanting him bring her, so was very  happy, and we had a lovely time. She’s really good for him, and didn’t fuss a bit when he wanted to spend Sunday with his father and brothers, doing those things they do.  A lot of young women would have pouted about being left alone with The Mother, but she took it in stride and we got in the kitchen and made The Richest Pie In The World: a chocolate custard pie with a peanut butter cookie crust. See, she can make peanut butter cookies with her eyes closed and no measuring. I can make chocolate custard. She had made a pie recently using such as the crust instead of a ‘normal’ crust and CJ announced it was magnificent.  So, instead of sitting in the living room and grilling her about her upbringing, we baked. And It Was Very Good Indeed. Tho rich enough to make one a bit queasy. We decided it would be better to make them in mini muffin cups at 2-bite things. Still delicious  tho.   The thing is, guests exhaust me, all that smiling and cooking and need for conversation all the time, even the finest and happiest of guests who offer to help clean up and all that. It’s not the work involved that’s exhausting, it’s the constant good cheer, the always being ON and feeling like I’m ignoring them if I just want to sit down and read for an hour. I worry that I’m offending them which is absolutely not my intention, it’s just…High Alert All The Time. And I am not good at knowing how to be cheerful and smiley and what to say first thing in the morning before the coffee kicks in. Thank goodness she isn’t an early riser so I could at least be coherent.   Thank goodness it was just her, and not a whole houseful.

You see, any one of these events, with a good week or 10 days between them, time to do laundry and clean and mentally recuperate, would have been fine, no problemo, etc. But they all happened in a 5 day block, some events overlapping others. #4’s filling was happening at the same time as Himself’s consultation with the surgeon. Thank goodness God invented cellphones (in His own roundabout way) so there was no waiting until evening to hear what was determined.  We were even all in Savannah, not far from each other, but the dentist appointment was made before the surgeon’s, and it needed to happen. Nonetheless, I felt a bit inadequate about the inability to be 2 places at once.


And now it’s Wednesday, and there is nothing more pressing on the schedule than buying groceries. It is a rather Zen activity, especially in the morning when the store is uncrowded and I can wind my way slowly through the aisles, comparing prices and looking for soft snacks for #4. I can think, sip a large Panera Hazelnut coffee. Buggies should have cup holders, or someone should invent one that snaps on to the handle, doncha think?






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2 Responses to Juggling acts

  1. Bella Rum says:

    I feel like you looked inside my head when you wrote this post. I feel like that donkey with the too heavy load right now.

    I used to think I was an extrovert when I was younger, and maybe I was, but I most certainly am not now. I know exactly what you mean about having to be “on” all the time. It isn’t that you don’t like the folks you’re with, it’s just that it’s so exhausting. I guess it’s energizing for extroverts.

    • rootietoot says:

      I have a good friend who’s quite the extrovert. This past year she had to set her job aside for a while (she’s a teacher) and focus on stuff at home. It was very difficult for her, as she gets her energy from being around others. and yes, I LIKE people, enjoy conversation and socializing (small groups and individuals) and indeed get lonely once in a while if it’s been a couple of weeks since seeing anyone. But afterwards, a cup of tea and quiet time are very necessary.

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