what? Another one?

We are suckers for animals, much to the irritation of our neighbor to the west, who thinks one is too many and complains constantly about our dogs that bark at him when he wanders onto our patio looking for tools to borrow.  He called us once at 10:30pm, when we were out of town, complaining that the dogs barked at him when he came over to borrow a handtruck. He was on our patio. At 10:30pm. Inside our fence. At 10:30pm. Looking for the handtruck and the dogs were going nuts because…they were doing their job.  It’s  probably a good thing we were out of town or he might have had an assortment of firearms stuck up his nose.  There’s been several armed robberies around this neighborhood, and we’re all a little edgy. Yesterday he complained about the runoff (from the golf course, as we are downhill of the 10th hole)due to all the rain (14 inches just this month), and threatened to call the health department because  “It is sewage” Never mind that our drain field is downhill from where the water is coming out, apparently in his world water can run up hill. Yes, there’s algae in it, but that is because we’ve had 14 straight days of rain, it’s been warm,and that’s what happens. Entirely natural, but he’d rather we poison our driveway and subsequently HIS YARD because… anyway, this wasn’t meant to be about Our Neighbor, but about the latest member of our annoying menagerie.

Meet Tess, named after Tess Turbo, a rocker chick from the Bloom County cartoon. You shoulda heard Tess wail upon being stuffed into a travel crate. Wow.

Notice the deep concern on her face at the scrutiny of 2 of the dogs.

Notice the deep concern on her face at the scrutiny of 2 of the dogs.

She likes containers.

She likes containers.


Our other car, Grace is Not Amused.  However, she’s gone from spits, growls and hissing last night, to just hissing today. Progress!  The dogs wonder what sort of cookie factory this one might be, and tend to follow her around with their noses on her butt, which irritates her but doesn’t seem to alarm her.

She is not a wee kitten, as she is 4 months old. Both of her parents are big cats, at about 10 pounds each. It will be interesting to see how she will be compared to Grace, who was a wee kitten even at 4 months old, and is still petite- about 6 pounds, at 5 years old.

I will have no trouble finding her when she hides behind furniture, because Lacy is keeping guard at all times and she’ll be wherever Tess is, to the best of her ability, as a fat middle aged dachshund cannot fit behind the desk.


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4 Responses to what? Another one?

  1. Jo says:

    Aw, what a little sweetheart. I hope she settles in quickly and happily. Is Lacy guarding as in protecting her, or guarding as in imprisoning her? Either way, that’s funny!

  2. She already has the eye lasers o death. Yup. She’s a siamese lol

  3. Have the T-shirt says:

    What a beautiful kitty. Maybe I should get ‘cookie factory’ for my dogs?

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