Awash like Mayonnaise…or something.

There is entirely too much fun to be had when it rains constantly for weeks and weeks and one is stuck indoors with a plethora of ideas swirling around like…well…like aioli in a blender. What a terrible analogy. But it is just so, a few basic ingredients whirling around into a homogeneous mass that looks weird but tastes great….no. Also a bad analogy.  Whatever. There’s a lot going on in my head at the moment, things begging to be done, recipes, creative embroidery stuff, Oh! I know! I’ll find vintage and antique toiletry ads to hang in the bathroom! All this rain has made mushrooms pop up and I do love to take pictures of teeny little things like weirdly colored mushrooms!

Like eggs hatching...only slowly and...well. Aren't those strange!

Like eggs hatching…only slowly and…well. Aren’t those strange!

I want to get a macro lens, because tiny things and close ups of the insides of flowers and of bugs eyes are fascinating and fun to do.  I have a fabulous camera that is grossly underutilized and needs to be put into action.

Ebay has become an ugly and easily abused habit. Paypal is far too easy to use, and the thrill of waiting for something amazing (that you’ll never find in a store) to show up in the mail is heady and intoxicating.  Tracking a package (Oh look! It’s in Macon that means I should get it tomorrow!) is very exciting. Back before the internet, one had to drive someplace with a massive flea market, and putter for hours looking for just the right thing, not even knowing what that thing was. Now, I can have an idea, type it into Ebay and there is is, like a ripe plum on a tree, ready to fall into the hand with the right bid.   Sometimes there’s the thrill of battle, with some unknown person (***9027) in some unknown land who wants that thing as badly as you do, and there’s this mad rush at the last minute to get a bid in without paying too much for it. I did this a couple of weeks ago with a ruffler. I didn’t win, but that other person who was hoping to get it for $50 wound up paying $81…still a bargain as one from the store runs about $125.  The flurry of buying has run it’s course, as even with all that I have a limit, and it has been reached. However, I know am the proud owner of several ladies magazines ranging from 1864 to 1965, and a 30 spool set of embroidery thread for $35, normally $3 per spool. I don’t know if it will work on my machine, but it was A Bargain At That Price!

Then there’s the whole cooking thing. You know I love to cook. Normally it’s all about the meats and veg. Heaven on a plate is a roasted chicken with crispy skin and some tiny new potatoes roasted alongside. Yum, y’all.All this rain and nonsense has a craving for sweets rearing it’s head. We recently went to The Happiest Place In Georgia  where several pounds of VERY high quality butter was acquired and is begging to be put to use in something like snickerdoodles or oatmeal cookies would nicely feature the creamy flavor of that butter. mmmmmmbutter. Yesterday I made a big loaf of semolina bread (that’s the flour pasta is made of), nice and eggy and kind of dense from the high protein, and slathered it with a layer of this yummy butter…drool.  Oh, I’ve quit worrying about dieting. Healthy, yes. Calorie counting, notsomuch. I see nothing wrong with enjoying stuff as long as it’s not processed or comes from a factory. So, cooking has been happening- salads made with tiny cherry tomatoes from the garden, roasted corn from the market, orzo pasta, and roasted garlic herb vinaigrette.  Avocados tossed with rice vinegar and feta cheese.  And many, many things made with slightly overripe peaches and a sprinkle of cinnamon. O yes. Creativity abounds.

Check out the colors on that one!

Check out the colors on that one!

There’s lots of embroidery ideas happening, too. I will see pictures and think O! Wouldn’t that be pretty on a pillow! Or hanging in a frame! First, a bolt of some kind of coarse neutral fabric-maybe osnaburg (like sacking) would work. Then designs. Like this one:



Isn’t that pretty? On a natural linen that would look lovely, and antique style stuff like that is pretty popular right now.  Not my design- stole it off Ebay.

See what I mean? Ideas flying everywhere. It comes in spells, where there’s not enough time in the day to do all these things, then in a couple of months, all that will happen will be catching up on Warehouse 13 and re-watching Sherlock.  Right now I am writing everything down, so when it’s mid-Winter and blah, I will refer back to the list and say AH-HAH! I can do THAT!


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6 Responses to Awash like Mayonnaise…or something.

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Are your taking orders yet? I could use some custom work. Something I can frame.

    • rootietoot says:

      Not yet. I am still trying to figure this program out. I have the ideas in my head but don’t know how to translate them into the machine. I’ll let you know!

  2. pheenobarbidoll says:

    That first picture made my vulgar, inner 12 year old giggle like mad.

  3. pheenobarbidoll says:


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