Still here!

I’ve been either busy or uninspired. Have you ever been that way? The acquisition of a fancypants new embroidery program has kept my mind occupied with ways to make antique-looking cross stitch (do it on osnaburg, then tea dye it), and lace. yes, it will embroider lace. You to it on tulle or water soluble fabric (which then washes away, leaving the lace behind. Cool, huh!)

also…all this rain. Holy crow we’ve had SO MUCH RAIN. More rain in this half of July than we’re supposed to get from January to June. 6 months of rain in 2 weeks. The rosemary isn’t looking too good, and the tomatoes are all cracking, and the driveway is coated in algae, and the dogs are mildewing.

but it isn’t all bad. The rain has kept us all inside to Not Mow The Grass (I have applied to the Department of Natural Resources for a Wildflower Permit, which means we are not ALLOWED to mow. no word from them yet, but I am hopeful.) Being inside means Research On Topics Unknown, and probably too much time spent on Ebay. I have renamed it The World’s Biggest Junk Store. I love junk stores.

There’s a place here called Vinnie’s. He sells junk, and will always negotiate the price. Occasionally there’s a glass thing or a magazine or some pretty item, and if I buy 2 things he will charge the price of one (if it’s not too cheap) and give me the other one.

I am also looking into Gluten Free stuff. There is an assortment of tooky digestive systems in this household, and it’s possible that a diet change would help. Wouldn’t it be interesting if the Dodd Digestive Symphony would go quiet? What would we talk about on Saturday evening? What about pizza?

Several days were spent with a friend, a bit of time with my parents and #3 son (who lives on their property), and the startling discovery that #4 is a stunningly crack shot with some Russian WW2 rifle. 200 yards and the bulls eye every time. Where did my little lego-playing-chicken-finger-eating-stuffed-animal-sleeping-with cherub go? He handled that gun like it was born in his hands and I wanted to cry because how does a kid look like a kid when he’s holding something like that? That’s not to say I’m not proud of him- I am, very much, that he has such a skill. But still, he’s mah baby and I was startled.

So that’s where I’ve been. Still alive, still healthy.  Coming up soon (maybe as soon as this afternoon) will be a series of photos. you’ll see.  Later in the week, we are driving 4 hours to a Siamese cat breeder, to acquire a kitten. Phleud (R.I.P.) has left a hole in the fauna of the household, and Gracie, while she’s a Big Personality, needs a like-species companion.  Names are being considered, as the breeder described the kitten as “rambunctious and fearless”, probably a good thing considering the 4 dachshunds.


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9 Responses to Still here!

  1. jerseechik says:

    ‘Rambunctious and fearless’? Name the kitten Achilles! Or Snowden! Or after some NASCAR driver, or some ex-girlfriend of CJ’s.

  2. joannajenkins50 says:

    Would love to see your embroidery (pretty please). And your new kitten 🙂
    Feel free to send some of that rain to the West Coast. We could sure use it.
    xo jj

  3. It started raining here today!! SOOOOO HAPPY!!

  4. My dog growing up was Agamemnon. (Aggie). History has some awesome names…

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