Grace, Queen of All She Surveys

Gracie, Queen Of All She Surveys

Gracie, Queen Of All She Surveys

No doubt about it, the cat rules the house. (why did spell correct underline ‘the’?) Just this morning, she blew into our bedroom at 4am, demanding attention and a lap. On the bed, yowling in my face in that way only a Siamese can yowl, like a cross between a Chinese opera and a tornado siren.

Good thing I went to bed at 8, and was able to get up without throwing her across the room. Terry mumbled something, and I told him to go back to sleep. So I got up, performed morning ablutions, and turned on the coffee pot. All while having a mumbling (no longer yowling, thank goodness) cat winding through my ankles, apparently trying to kill me so she can lay on top of my still-warm corpse. Or something.  Once the coffee was done and a cup was poured, I sat down to think, and she got in my lap (where she remains, an  hour later) and promptly fell asleep. I would say “stupid cat” but there is nothing stupid about it, is there. She got me up and made me provide her with her preferred sleeping surface, at 4 in the am.

And to think I am considering getting another one, since Phleudles met an untimely demise in the road. At 4 in the am, it is not seeming like the wisest of moves.  To Gracie’s credit, once she was on the bed and I tucked her under my arm, she quit yowling, but she did start purring loudly and sanding my ear with her tongue.

Probably a nap will happen, sometime around 10am.



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9 Responses to Grace, Queen of All She Surveys

  1. jeanieinparadise says:

    Gorgeous Siamese lady!!!

  2. Jo says:

    Aw, I’m so sorry to hear Phleud died. I know he’d become kind of a “cat at large” and wasn’t living at your home anymore, but that’s still really sad. I am very sorry he’s gone. A real character, from the sound of it.

  3. So very sorry about your Pheud…. how sad.

    There is somehihng so soothing about a cat sleeping on my lap. Many years ago I had 2 cats and just loved it. I could almost feel my blood pressure lowering.

    xo jj

  4. Sorry to hear about the kitty, that really sucks.

    I’m alive and well, thank you for asking hun 🙂

  5. Bella Rum says:

    Sorry to hear about Pheud.

    Gracie is quite the queen. That last pic is something. 🙂

  6. Bella Rum says:

    Phleud. Not Pheud. Right?

  7. Oh, so sorry to hear this. They really leave a dent in the heart when they go 😦 Hugs x

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