Disease and Infirmity

Himself has been quite ill, lately. It started with a nagging tickle in his throat, and proceeded to a dry and relentless cough, then in a span of a couple of hours, turned into a mighty sinus infection and bronchitis. BOOM.  By the second day of that he was ready to see a doctor. I knew, when he asked me to take him there, that he was SICK.  You know how many men are, wanting to tough it out and get over it on their own. He is the King of That.  At the doctor’s office, it was determined that he had both a sinus infection, a fever, and bronchitis, and was ordered to remain home for at least 48 hours, drink plenty of fluids, and take it easy.  He was also asked if he’d been around anyone with a compromised immune system in the past 3 days. Apparently this is going around and is Not Good for such people.

2 out of 3 ain’t bad, right?  Well, almost 2. We’ll call it 90 minutes short of 2. The taking-it-easy part was something he had to be shamed into, so I am not sure it should be counted, but in the interest of giving him credit for listening, I will count it.

Yesterday he was feeling better. Antibiotics are marvelous things.  I am not one of these back-to-nature chew-on-a-twig-for-relief types. I really believe that modern medicine has replaced twigs and roots for a reason, and it’s not because of Big Pharma Greed and conspiracy. One of the reasons people survive stuff like pneumonia and dysentery,and why bronchitis and sinus infections  don’t turn into life threatening diseases, is the antibiotic.Yes, it can be overused and yes, there are up and coming resistant infectious bacteria, which is why God gave people brains to do research and find new medicine.  The man was sick,really, really sick almost go to the hospital sick, and no amount of herbal tea and sage burning and orange juice was going to fix him. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for a ginger and mint tea for a mild stomach ailment. I grew up on homemade horehound candies and a bourbon-lemon toddy for sore throats.   And there’s nothing like a little coconut oil mixed with neem oil for a mild excema…but like I said, God gave us brains to use in order to solve problems, and I have no trouble relying on the brains at Pfizer to come up with a way to heal my family of bronchitis that’s so bad even the hardiest member of the household wants to see a doctor.

And,I have been dealing with it at home. Fortunately #4 has been with his grandparents for a week, and thus probably not exposed. He has camp this coming week, and since it’s 10 hours away in Tennessee, I do NOT want him getting sick sometime Wednesday, and becoming Typhoid 4 for the entire population of Skymont.  Nor do I want to drive 10 hours (one way!) to recover a sickie.  I was exposed the same people who had it that he was, even to the point of close proximity and hugs, and did not become ill, so I’m hopeful. Also, Lysol wipes, hand germ stuff, etc.

He is on the mend now, but reluctant to actually follow the doctor’s orders and take it easy, until he saw there were a bunch of Westerns on AMC, so that and permission to use my recliner has enabled him to rest.  Also threats, but only implied ones.  He wanted to go to work yesterday, until I asked what he’d say to me if I were the sick one. So he didn’t, instead he sat in the chair and twitched, and watched about 10 hours of Pawn Stars. Today he did not ponder if he should go, just waited until I was settled, then announced he was going and left. He wasn’t gone long, and seems a little tired now, and watching Westerns.

I will give him all sorts of credit for not being the whiny-baby the way sick men are characterized. He doesn’t handle being sick more than a day, and I can relate to that.


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4 Responses to Disease and Infirmity

  1. Oh man, that sounds like a nasty bug… and you are right, guys are NOT good patients. Good thing for the Westerns– Westerns or sports are about the only thing that keeps my husband in front of the tv when he’s sick or rundown.

    I hope camp is fun for your son– fun AND healthy.

    Hang in there. xo jj

  2. jerseechik says:

    Maybe he could blog, since he hasn’t sat in front of a blog since 2010!

  3. pheenobarbidoll says:

    Tell him I said HI from bronchitis land. I thought I was fine, and a trip to the grocery store knocked me back on my butt for days. Trying to weasel out of rest simply adds more time to your sentence.

  4. Bella Rum says:

    I’m with you on the antibiotics. Gotta have em. Really sorry to hear that Terry’s been sick. I sympathize with lung ailments… as you know. I’m glad he took a little time to rest. Not always an easy thing for people with a strong work ethic to do. Fingers crossed that no one else in your house gets it.

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