Minor irritations

I am irritable this morning.  Sleep wasn’t great last night, and consequently…well, you know. That’s all it is. A long time ago I tried to teach the kids the difference between irritation (that’s what happens when a fly is buzzing your head, or you get stung by a mosquito,or you spill a spoonful of sugar on it’s way to the coffee mug), piss-offedness (a mockingbird is buzzing your head thus threatening the sanctity of your scalp, you get stung by a wasp, you spill the casserole meant for a sick friend), and genuine anger ( bullies threatening the sanctity of a friend’s scalp, someone else hits a wasp nest in your vicinity, a car hits your buggy full of 2 weeks worth of groceries you spent your last $200 on).  No one has wronged me or anyone close to me. Thus, I am merely  irritated due to circumstances not entirely out of my control. However, this results in stuff, this minor irritation, and I am going to list them.

1. You know Facebook, when you’re typing stuff into the box so you can post it and that little thing comes up and says “what’s on your mind” and covers up what you’re trying to type, and you already KNOW you’re supposed to type it in that box? That stupid thing comes up all the time! If they could make it where it only comes up the first time the arrow thing waves over it…it’s the computer equivalent of swatting away a gnat- harmless,small, and irritating.

2. WordPress has a similar thing. Whenever you put the arrow over a thing as you’re typing up a post, perhaps it’s the button that says “Add media” a floater box pops up that says…wait for it…”add media”. Really? Are you sure? Could it possibly be that if I am typing a blog post I might already know how to read?  Or maybe, because of lack of sleep, I look at the “Add Media” button with unfocused eyes, and need a popup thing to tell me, in smaller letters, just in case.  Maybe it’s some person at the headquarters of wherever who has nothing better to do than code popups, because they’re someone’s cousin who needed a job. I can’t fault them for hiring an unemployed cousin. After all, I have an unemployed son and if he were hired to code in irritating popups I would be grateful for that. So maybe it’s time to get over the irritation.  Refer to irritation #1 and accept my apologies.

3. Seals on condiments that are impossible to remove without longish fingernails. You know, that plastic bit underneath the lid of ketchup and mustard bottles that keep criminals from squirting cyanide into them while no one is looking. I get that they are important. But, since Great Value, the cheapest of the lot, uses the kind with the flip up little bit that makes it easy to grab (for those of us with no nails), why can’t Hellman’s and Heinz use them? I guarantee if they did, I would be more likely to buy them. Well, not the Hellman’s because I am totally a Duke’s girl, but still. It could be a powerful advertising point.


4. People who do things that I do that I shouldn’t do but do because I am lazy, like put stuff up when I/they am/are done with it.  I am bad about that, and when I don’t put stuff up it’s no big deal, I’ll get to it later. When someone else doesn’t do it, I get cranky and feel taken advantage of, like I think they are expecting me to do it.  Double standard much, Rootie? Yah you betcha.

5. Companies selling out to the Chinese. I was informed this morning that Smithfield (of the hams) was bought by a Chinese company. Smithfield. That would be like Dukes Mayo going to the Chinese. Or Cheerwine.  Or y’know…Toyota coming to the US or something. Wait. They did. Himself has a new Toyota truck made in San Antonio of American made parts. It’s more American than the GMC truck he was driving. I guess it’s the whole global thing now. Smithfield better not change their methods, I tell you what. I don’t want to raise pigs but if that’s what it takes to get American ham…I may have to, and that would probably not go over well with the country club set 200 yards upwind of here.

I don't even remember which team this is but fell in love with the sign on the toolbox.

6. And answer me this…how come a particular dog monthly medication is only $2 more for the twice as big tablet? Logic says it would be double tho I also understand marketing enough to know that if it were people wouldn’t buy it.  I am not necessarily irritated by that, just puzzled and curious.

Ok I feel better now. Sometimes just getting it off your chest helps.


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4 Responses to Minor irritations

  1. I didn’t sleep well either, I have bronchitis and a migraine that has set up shop behind my right eye. Also- the spousal unit was in a wreck yesterday in his work truck, and while he is ok, there was a question of them firing him over it. So last night was not great. But today he has a job and everything is fine other than the migraine and bronchitis so I’m trying to let the irritations slide. The dogs are bound and determined to screw that up though and won’t stop barking at the neighbor who won’t stop watering his damn flowers right by the fence.

    I agree about American companies selling to overseas. Especially in light of the fact our government is in the back pocket of Big Business. Not a good idea to hand that over to a foreign power. (Just ask us Indians) It’s hard enough to deal with one illegal, occupying government. I don’t want to deal with 2.

  2. Bella Rum says:

    I keep thinking I’ll do a post like this. I’ve even jotted down a few things that irritate me. One of the things on my list is that plastic seal thing on ketchup, mustard and mayo. By the way, I was raised a Duke’s girl but my sister turned me into a Hellman’s girl. I do love mayo and in a few minutes I’m going to put some on a tomato sandwich.

    It does seem weird about Smithfield. I guess we should be used to this by now, but it was a big surprise. They say that they will continue use NC pigs. Nothing like a convenient pig that lives close by. 🙂

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