It’s raining, that soft and gentle with a cool breeze sort of rain that makes it hard to decide what to do. Floors and laundry? They need doing. Book reading? I’ve got a library book that needs to be returned in a few days and I’m not done with it yet. All 3? The laundry can be going while the floors are being done then as a reward I could read.  I am big on rewarding for work. “Do this and this then you can do that with a clean conscience”  And since the Netflix disc arrived with a big crack in it, that has been removed from the equation, so that temptation is gone.

I know!! I’l sit at the computer and write a blog post first! Then I’ll reward myself with a nice homemade breakfast sandwich (Have you ever put Mrs Dash on scrambled eggs? Delicious! And no salt!), blow #4 out of bed…though I don’t know why, everything he needs to do involves lawnmowers and grass, and with the rain we have going on, that isn’t happening.  He needs to do some laundry as well, since he is going out of town for a week.

Tomorrow is a Family Reunion Thing with Terry’s mother’s family. I like them, it will be nice to see them and eat food and sit around and compare notes on the economy and field questions about how the kids are doing and play with the latest baby addition.  We are taking Pepperoni Rolls…a very complicated and difficult to make food that everyone likes.

How To Make Pepperoni Rolls:

Pepperoni (the whole stick kind) cut into 2 inch long pieces, skin peeled off, and each piece quartered long-ways so you have a thin stick

Bread dough, you can make your own, or buy the frozen kind for making rolls or loaves

Thaw the dough (or make it), let it rise once and punch it down, and cut it into small balls. If you use the frozen roll kind, just leave them as they are.

Wrap dough around a pepperoni stick so it is completely covered.

Let rise again, and bake at 400 degrees until the rolls are brown.



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  1. Bella Rum says:

    The bread sounds delicious.

    I’m big on reward for work, too. It’s always more enjoyable if you’ve done something worthwhile first.

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