There and back again

We made a fast trip to West Virginia, for the funeral of Terry’s grandmother. 93 years old, she was, with a whole BUNCH of descendants, including 10 great-great grandchildren.  I remember her as a sweet,generous, and opinionated woman who deeply loved her family and would do anything for them.  She passed away surrounded by her closest loved ones, and you can’t ask for more than that.

Fast trip, indeed. 10 hours up through the foothills in North Carolina, turning into the gorgeous, gorgeous Appalachian Mountains of Virginia and West  Virginia. Mountain Laurels, Oxeye daisies,and some kind of bramble with white flowers were blooming all on the roadsides and up the hills. Those brambles were the topic of discussion. Blackberries? too bushy for that. Raspberries? Maybe, but they tend to be less bushy, tho maybe with the sun they get on roadsides…Dewberries? I don’t know…could be. Since they were blooming and not berrying, they will simply have to be discussed and not verified.

We crossed that bridge.

We crossed that bridge.

The opinion of the car occupants (being the 2 of us) was that a return visit in October was necessary, so as to see the tree colors and the other stuff that blooms that time of year. Getting to see his family (those of his father) would be extra nice too. Good people, they are.  Fun to be around and all that.

...and went through this tunnel

…and went through this tunnel

Here’s a conversation I had with the children of Terry’s cousin:

S (25, daughter), A (21, daughter), and J (son, 16).  They are sitting behind me at the funeral home, and J says something about “What’s that 50 Shades of Grey book about?” so I turned around and said “Do you really want to know that?” and he said “What?”  S looked at me and rolled her eyes and said “J, you dummy, it’s about paint colors.” J wrinkled his brow and said “that sounds kind of boring.” So we all started naming off shades of grey- iron, graphite, smoke, etc. I told him to go to a paint store, he’d learn the names of all kinds of greys. Then he asked me if I’d read the book. And of course they all looked at me, especially S and A, like “WELL….HAVE YOU?!” and I sat up very prim and said “Of course not. I’m Presbyterian.” which only confused J further, and he replied with “Really? I’m Baptist!”  S snickered and said “well, what HAVE you read? The Bible?”  “Yes,: I replied, “and The Oxford Commentary.”


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2 Responses to There and back again

  1. Have the T-shirt says:

    I’m sorry about Terry’s Grandmother, but it sounds like she left quite a legacy.

    I’ve not only been across that bridge, I’ve rafted the New River…such fun.

  2. Bella Rum says:

    LOL Kids.

    I’m glad your trip was satisfying in some ways. I hope Terry is doing well.

    You must come back and visit the mountains in the fall. They are so beautiful then.

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