coping Mechanisms

I guess this is the second part of the last post.  Everyone has a coping mechanism whether it’s dealing with something head-on or ignoring it completely or something in between.

I like to laugh. When things get real tense or my head hurts from anxiety or whatever, I look for the funniest things I can find. Being a very visual sort, images that make me laugh are what’re usually in order.

And I like horses.  They’re big, have pretty eyes, and a deep capacity for extreme goofiness. Have you ever noticed what their noses do when they show their teeth? Now I know that a horse showing it’s teeth is a sign of irritation or aggression or general pissedness, and they aren’t actually laughing or being funny, but it looks that way and I dearly love anthropomorphising creatures so when I see a photo of a horse doing that it’s like they’re laughing.

Totally not laughing...

Totally not laughing…

Once a while back I was able to get up close and personal with the Budweiser Clydsedales, and there was this one right at the front of the team. I asked him (her? didn’t check) if I could take his (her) picture and he/she nodded. Yes. Nodded. Then I said “Say cheese!” and…he/she did.

Say cheese

Say cheese

Either that or he/she was annoyed, but was too polite to say so.  Those Clydesdales were very, very polite.

I’m doing a lot of laughing horse-looking-at these days.



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3 Responses to coping Mechanisms

  1. Bella Rum says:

    I will never forget my introduction to the Budweiser Clydesdales. We were visiting my sister and BIL in New Hampshire and decided to visit the Budweiser brewery in Merrimack… I believe. We ate breakfast at a diner before heading out. I felt sick almost immediately. I didn’t want to ruin everyone’s fun, so I didn’t say anything. I managed to see the horses. Amazing and big guys. Then we did the tour. I can’t believe I made it though that. I will cut out the gory details and it was gory – vomiting and the other end, too. I’ve never been so sick in my life – food poisoning, of course – and ended up in an ER in NH for about five hours. Horrible time but beautiful horses.

    • rootietoot says:

      Eeeeww! I’m sorry your visit was so tainted! We saw them because they’d take a Spa Week at the vet school where my father taught, and in thanks for the pedicures and massages, they’d suit up and demonstrate for the students and staff there. Those were the calmest horses I’d ever been around. Absolutely NOTHING fazed them.

  2. We are now cold and grey. I hate winter. I have had to read these last few posts back to back, my reader missed them for some reason. Now I am smiling – I am sure that horse is smiling too. Cheese!

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