excuses, excuses.

Our front yard is starting to look like a wildflower meadow. Oxalis with it’s pink 5 petaled flowers, Florida Betony (hissss) with it’s mint-like stalks of lavender blossoms, grassy stuff, etc.  It really needs to be mowed. Really. Only…

Like this, only not as pretty. And our house isn't that cool.

Like this, only not as pretty. And our house isn’t that cool.

Due to the rain and the geology that means the drainage from the 10th hole of the golf course winds up in our front yard, we have a big soggy spot. Also, thanks to an unnamed member of the household who did something unorthodox with the riding lawnmower last Fall, it has a bent shaft and a broken blade. Also the other (push) lawnmower’s engine wasn’t drained so the fuel system is clogged somewhere Oh, and the first lawnmower was also left in the start position all Winter so the battery is deader than a bag of bricks. Now, I COULD probably hire someone to just cut the bit in the front, but it’s so soggy in one spot and I don’t want tire tracks in the yard. And he/she might lose a boot in the much.

Like this, only without the cute kid.

Like this, only without the cute kid.

So I am waiting for 2 weeks of dry weather to allow the soggy spot to dry up. Only, we wont see 2 straight weeks of dry weather until October, and the lawn probably should be mowed before then. I have also been looking at ideas for simply planting the soggy spot with stuff that will grow in soggy spots.  You know, roll with it. that sort of thing.

In the mean time, the oxalis spread and the betony takes over and every couple of days some guy with a Yard Care sign on his truck stops and gives up a free bid. I have 5 business cards now.

Maybe if I start wearing bandanas, quit shaving my legs, and change my name to Raindrop they’ll start thinking of us as Quirky Free Spirits. Really I am just waiting for a weekend day where Terry can fix the mower.

Like this, only with regular personal hygiene.

Like this, only with regular personal hygiene.


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11 Responses to excuses, excuses.

  1. Yeah I have all that and some lovely thistles spreading about my yard and growing tall as well. And my lawn guy, who has cut my grass for the past 9 years for a really reasonable rate, has just moved away. I have no one to do it! Tried using a push mower but it takes 2 hrs a day, 4 days a week to keep it cut. I can’t afford a riding mower. So I’m still hunting for cheap help while the rains keep falling and my soggy old yard just keeps on’ greenin’ and growin’. At least the wildflowers are pretty.

  2. Bella Rum says:

    LOL I feel your pain. There’s always something going on in our yard that we don’t want. Our back yard is covered in something called fall grass. It looks like a weed to me. The fungus should begin any minute from all the rain. H said he can’t wait to live somewhere he isn’t responsible for the yard. Golf. That’s all the man thinks about now.

  3. pheenobarbidoll says:

    I have dirt. That’s it. Just dirt. Still in severe drought and under water restrictions.

    • rootietoot says:

      A rock and cactus landscape plan?

      • The front is already rock (the upkeep is not as easy as people think) but the back is now just hard packed dirt. With weeds. I’d do pretty stuff with cactus and rock back there but that’s not a good idea with 4 dogs lol. 4 clumsy dogs. I’d be pulling cactus spines out of them hourly. It sucks because we have a large backyard and it would be nice to be able to enjoy it, but until we pull out of this drought it’s just not going to happen. Most everything I could keep alive back there causes my allergies to go nuts (purple sage for example. It’s gorgeous, and easy to maintain in this climate, but kills my allergies. And the city plants it everywhere *sighs*) I’m planning on dressing up the front with small, potted flowers as soon as the weather stabilizes. Hanging baskets and one or two of those flower towers would be fun to do.

    • rootietoot says:

      What’s nuts to me is that our backyard, which no one sees or particularly cares about AT ALL is planted with lovely centipede grass which needs mowing like…ONCE midsummer, and is lush and soft. The front yard is all weeds and gross and we’ve tried planting it with centipede but it refuses to grow there. When the 35 pine trees (on our 1/3acre) are gone, we’ll plant stuff like daylilies and coreopsis, which need no tending, no mowing, and no prissy fertilizing.

      • I’d love to have a nice veggie garden in my backyard, it’s certainly large enough but 1) hard packed dirt and drought and 2) we rent and I’d rather own a home and have a garden. One day when we have our own home, I fantasize it will be lush and green and have all sorts of neat things…we’ll see if I ever want to put that much effort into it though lol. But I dream and watch HGTV for now.

  4. Glad to see the mess hasn’t taken away your sense of humor– The photo captions are a hoot!
    xo jj

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