Not gonna do it.

I receive emails that say things like “blah de blah if you pass this on and send it back to me I’ll know you love Jesus. If you don’t, I’ll know you don’t love Jesus.”  Stuff like that comes up on Facebook, too.

People. Seriously? The strength of my faith is dependent on that nonsense? Do you really think I have to forward such babble to 10 people in order for God to know where He stands in my priorities?

Don’t waste my time. Don’t tell me I’m a no-account heathen because I don’t rely on the magic of forwarding messages to determine the solidity of my convictions. Don’t even imply it.

Don’t try to convince me that sending pink messages flying all over the world will increase funding for breast cancer research. What about other cancers? Don’t they deserve to have rubber bracelets, too? How does announcing to the 145 people on my Facebook (yes, I know..that’s sad, right? I should have at least 500, most of whom I’ve never even met but since Facebook is an internet popularity contest, which I lost in high school so should be trying to make up for it now that I’m in my late 40’s) that I support research into The Cure (that’s the medical thing, not the band) for cancer/autism/medical cause du jour actually benefit these causes? I mean other than making people aware that I have fallen into the time-sucking trap of forwarding all these messages because God won’t know where He stands with me if I don’t?

I’m not going to go into my convictions here. If you want to know, ask and I will tell you all about it.

And I won’t even require you to forward it to 10 people so you’ll have God’s Blessings on you all  day. Because God’s going to bless you however He sees fit, not because I told Him to.


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9 Responses to Not gonna do it.

  1. Barbara says:

    LOL yeah. I ignore those too, primarily because they’re shallow and tend to misrepresent the truth or at least skim over anything meaningful, and I don’t feel one bit guilty about it.

  2. Stone Fox says:

    i gotta say it: “wouldn’t be prudent.”

    sorry, just had to 🙂

  3. jeanieinparadise says:

    Yay – I so agree!! Its like the ones that tell you if you do xyz in 10 minutes you will get wealth or whatever – the feng shui of facebook, really?

  4. Perk of being an atheist heathen- My news feed does not have those chain FB statuses lol

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