Have you ever lost it?

Do you ever consistently misplace things?  Are there a few specific things you regularly misplace? (which is a variation of the first question).  Car keys and reading glasses. And cell phone. And even though I buy a pack of 100 every week, I can never find a pen when one is needed. Also postage stamps. But that makes sense because those get used maybe twice a month.

What funny is how I can know where the most obscure doodad resides (“Mom have you seen the lase gun that goes with the Lego Star Wars guy?”  Yes, it’s in the third desk drawer behind the empty staple box.), but the reading glasses could be sitting on top of my head (and frequently are) and I’ll have a fit because they’re nowhere to be found and probably irrevocably lost forever. (Don’t you love redundancies?)  It usually takes someone else to point out their location, but because they know I know where everything else in the world is located, they have enough sense to  not mock me (at least not to my face) about it.

Those things listed above are really the only things that are consistently lost. The cell phone is an issue because usually to find one of the boys phones I’ll call it but I can’t call my own because it’s lost,and when I need it, it’s to call one of the boys or Terry, and if  I’m calling them it’s because they aren’t here and other than maybe emailing Terry to ask him to call my phone there’s nothing I can do but hope someone calls so I can find it. And no, there’s no landline. We got rid of it when we realized the only people who ever called on it were politicians.  Usually the phone can be found in the pocket of whatever I was wearing yesterday, but I never remember that until after a 2 hour panicky search and being convinced that it was stolen or run  over by a tank.  Tho the tank issue might be ok because Terry understands that I am hard on small electronics, thus I have one of those super heavy-duty military grade phones that can double as a hammer or a tile on the skin of the Space Shuttle.  It’s not cute or small or fancy like an iThing, but by golly I can have an arm spasm and hurl it into a brick wall with no ill consequences.

I’ve found the glasses on top of my head or hanging in the front of my shirt. I’ve lost the car keys simply by holding them in my left hand.  Once I lost the dongle (giggle!) that goes with the embroidery program for the sewing machine and was coldly informed by Customer Service that I’d have to purchase a whole new program because obviously the dongle wasn’t lost, but was given to someone in an attempt to bypass the $550 cost of the program. I understand where they’re coming from, but I don’t KNOW anyone with the same machine…obviously they don’t know that. The dongle was later found under a stack of papers, most of which were the instructions on how to use it.  That was a relief because it was hard enough asking for the program the first time.

So how is it I can know where everyone else’s stuff is and constantly lose my own? How can I know that the roll of packing tape is no longer on the hook in the utility room (where it belongs) but is now underneath the sideboard where it rolled 3 days ago after it got knocked off the dining table with the cat slid off the pile of mail?

Which made me think of this:


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2 Responses to Have you ever lost it?

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Lego pieces and weird videos. Interesting things you find Peggy. Other people in our lives should have a purpose too so finding glasses is a start. All we have to do is train them not to smile when they point out the location.

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