Silver linings.

I suppose there’s silver linings to everything. The flu, which generally sucks, seems to have gotten rid of the asthma. I am still coughing but not relentlessly and no more wheezing and inability to catch my breath. And the coughing is the productive type that brings up wads of stuff. Gross, huh.. So is the trashcan full of wadded up tissues from blowing my nose constantly. However, I am sneezing a lot and actually enjoy a good head-clearing sneeze.  We don’t do dainty sneezes here. Huge loud lumberjack sneezes, the kind with a nice long build-up and an ending that results in “BLESS YOU!” coming from as far away as the country club 200 yards uphill. and I’m inside when those sneezes happen.  Also gross are the dogs fascination with the contents of the trashcan and if I leave the room for more than a couple of minutes there will be a tipped over can and tissues scattered everywhere and also stuck to the dogs lips.


Also…crock pots. May God richly bless the inventor of them.  All I have to do to cook a tasty meal is dump some stuff into it (tonight: red beans and rice. Red beans, rice, water, and a bunch of Tony Cachere’s Creole Seasoning) put on the lid and turn it on then leave it alone. Boom. Dinner in less than 5 minutes.  If someone wants meat they can brown some sausage or something. I’m probably going to eat ramens anyway.

Also…My Kindle and free trashy romance novels. I read one by Gina Robertson that…guess what…no sex until after they were married. Of course she was gorgeous and he was a handsome sea captain and there were all sorts of misunderstandings and near-misses but that’s what makes a good romance.  I wondered at Terry buying me a kindle but now…free books that I can get without having to go to the library and can read without anyone knowing what I’m reading. Win-win, y’all.  I love a good romance now and then. I am not a 50 Shades kind of woman tho. I want tension and fears of Lost Virtue and men who can control themselves even though they don’t want to.

bodice ripper

The time sick hasn’t been completely wasted. Thanks to computers and fancy programs and finally figuring out how to download stuff I have been able to put together some embroidery things to go on clothes, and do a bit of prep-and-design, in anticipation of feeling better and being able to get back in the sewing room.



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4 Responses to Silver linings.

  1. Nichole says:

    I’m sorry you’ve been sick. Hooray for silver linings! My cat does the gross-tissue thing, too.

  2. Bella Rum says:

    Glad you found that silver lining.
    I keep saying I’m going to bring my crock pot down from the attic. I need easy dinners.

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