It could be worse. It could always be worse.

This is not an attempt to garner sympathy from all over the world. Ok maybe a little bit. The Guy With Pinkeye is much better, to our profound relief. It means his disease is bacterial, instead of viral. Nothing can be done for viral…and he can’t afford to miss 10 days of work and school. So there’s that, good news! Also, thanks to living in a place where I don’t have to walk 4 miles for water and rely on someone to toss knucklebones to chase away the demons that are making me sick, there’s effective remedies that alleviate symptoms. No cure…it’s The Flu and I was too late for Tamiflu…but there’s plenty of Dayquil/Nyquil/Tylenol/And Other Assorted Pills and Potions that make it possible to function, albeit on a rudimentary level.

This is awesome. I feel like one of those bloggers who detail every single hiccup and twinge, certain of the world’s fascination with my health and well being! Self Importance! Yay!

I read a thing about a text message where a mother sent a text to her teenage child that said “You made the team? WTF!!” and the kid replied “Mom. Do you know what WTF means?” and Mom replied “Of course I do! It means Well That’s Fantastic!”  That could be my mom.

Also welcome to the scattered thoughts produced by a gentle overlapping of Nyquil and Dayquil.

The biggest problem I have with being sick is not the “feeling like crud part”, but the “not doing my job” part. The floors look awful, and I do not like asking anyone else to do them because half-done floors are more bothersome than not-done-at-all floors.  The bathrooms. Well. That’s why God invented doors. That close.  And bleach.    I don’t like letting someone else cook, or fold laundry, or any of those myriad tasks that fall firmly into the realm of “My responsibilities.”  Himself swears up and down that he doesn’t mind doing stuff, that he understands I don’t feel well and this stuff needs to be done, etc.  But he also goes to work every morning and comes home tired every evening so that, among other things, I can have the privilege of being a housewife, and to ask him to do my job on top of his, is onerous indeed.  I don’t know if anyone can understand how much I hate that.  But I also know how truly crappy I am feeling right now and mopping the floors or scrubbing a tub is…really…exhausting and pretty much out of the question entirely until I can actually breathe normally again. I guess we will all pretend to live in a cabin with a dirt floor. And watch an occasional episode of Hoarders so we can see that it can always be much, much worse.


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6 Responses to It could be worse. It could always be worse.

  1. I understand. No one in this house can mop to my satisfaction. My daughter will sometimes try to save me the trouble of mopping the kitchen after she finishes cleaning up at night. I secretly go back over it when she goes to school. If you ever mention this to her, I’ll deny it. 🙂

    Still, your house isn’t going to fall apart if you don’t scrub it for a couple of weeks. Everyone there knows that you can’t be expected to make yourself even sicker and that’s all you’ll be doing if you keep trying to work instead of resting. Resting is the best way to get your house back to spic and span the way you like it.

    I hope you feel better soon. I can’t remember the last time I’ve heard of you being under the weather this long. *hugs*

    • rootietoot says:

      thank you! I am glad you understand. That helps. because it means I am not alone in being persnickety about the floors. The last time I was this sick was in the 8th grade, when I had mono. But then there wasn’t a house yelling at me to be be cleaned.

  2. You ever want to feel utterly and completely normal, watch My Strange Addiction. Last week a woman was addicted to eating cat hair and would lick her cat to get it.

  3. Bella Rum says:

    Well, I’m glad the “guy” with the pinkeye is better. That’s something, I guess.

    I know what you mean about not wanting anyone else to mop, do laundry, etc. I’ve had to accept help recently, but I don’t like it. There’s a big difference for our household, though. My husband is retired. It does make things easier. It’s much tougher when one of you is still working.

    That damn flu has taken down half the population this year. I don’t know when it’s been worse. Feel better soon. There are bathrooms to be scrubbed.

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