biohazard-004Because yes. Good grief. It’s getting ridiculous bordering on amusing, since it’s not a hospital-causing thing and it’s unlikely anyone will never recover. It’s all about perspective, I reckon.  But still, I’m boggled at the way this keeps going ON, then something ELSE happens and HERE it goes AGAIN. What? Maybe next year I’ll actually get the flu shot. Knowing our insurance the way I do (having become intimately acquainted with it’s persnickety and seemingly arbitrary decisions regarding coverage), I doubt the flu shot is covered, but the $10 cost of one is far, far less than the money spent so far on ineffective inhalers, doctor’s visits, and fancy pants pulmonary tests. I haven’t seen the bill yet for that, but knowing the way our policy works, it would be like them to refuse to pay it.

And now? Here it comes again. Congestion, a cough, aches, fever…and…hold on to your hat…conjunctivitis. Not me, (Thank You, Lord), but David (who’s 23). Fortunately our GP understands pinkeye, and doesn’t want it in his office, and also trusts me to know when it’s that and not allergies or perhaps an overindulgence the night before, and there’s a bottle of Tobramycin drops on hand. Also, bleach. Bleach in a spray bottle to be liberally sprayed on anything David has touched or might touch. Antibacterial hand stuff. Paper towels, and a stern admonition to go through the house and bleach spray everything he might have touched in the last 2 days. All bedding will be washed with bleach and the mattress liberally sprayed with it and allowed to air dry.  This is serious business, people.

I suppose if I were a Good Mother, I would wish that I were the one with it, to spare my child the agony of pinkeye, but I am not a Good Mother. I am a Selfish Mother and he is old enough to deal with it.  When he was really young, toddler age, he got sick a LOT…like every couple of months. Back then, I wished to have his sickness so he could be healthy. Now? Naw. He can have it.

The household, however, is like a…I don’t know. Biohazard zone, I guess. I need quarantine tape to put around the yard.


But who feels like bleaching the entire house when all one (or two, actually…David and me) wants to do is sit in a chair with a cup of something hot to drink and a box of Puffs Plus (best tissues EVER!) and an endless list of Netflix videos lined up?  Not me.  What we need is a couple of quarts of hot-and-sour soup, a bag of oranges, and some fresh air.   If it warms up past 65 today the house is getting opened up because…well…you get the idea.

cleaning soap



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  1. Bella Rum says:

    Holy cow, Rootie. I’ve been reading through previous posts. You’ve had a time of it. My husband has been nursing a cough for weeks. It comes and goes. It’s crazy how sick people have been this year. Makes you wonder.

    No butterfly kisses with David! But I guess he’s too old for that. 🙂

    • rootietoot says:

      MUCH too old. Old enough that I can say BEGONE! and lock him in his room with the bleach. He didn’t quite believe me until he looked conjunctivitis up on the internet.

  2. Good grief woman, that’s a lot of ickiness going on! I’ll try to get that vapor rub sent out Friday, getting to the post office has been difficult with the migraines in full force but it will get sent.

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