Good riddance, Mabel, Hello Febreeze

Maybe Mabel’s finally moving out. 5 prescriptions (including 2 not covered by insurance. Thank you, Blue Cross, for refusing to join the 21st century pharmaceutical world. Your motto should be “If it’s good enough for Gramps, it’s good enough for you!”) and 3 inhalers later, one has finally been found that kicked Mabel in the tuchus and sent her on her way back from whence she came. wherever that is.

Only (tell me you didn’t see this coming)…

The new inhaler, a funky steroid thing in a completely inexplicable adminstration application delivery device (something about turn for 2 clicks but only 2 or you have to start all over again and the cap only comes off if you chant the pharmacy company’s motto in Tagalog…not to be confused with Tagalongs which are Girl Scout Cookies) but once it’s all figured out and administrated applied delivered…inhaled…everything smells strange. I mean…STRANGE strange. I rely heavily on my sense of smell. It is what wakes me up in the morning when the aroma of coffee wafts up the stairs. It’s when I know there’s enough garlic in the chicken soup and when it’s a good idea to never make that bean recipe again.  When it’s screwed with, the entire day turns into something surreal.


This morning, all was fine. Then, after a dose of the stuff, David made a pot of coffee and I smelled…dog poo. It happens. We have 4 dogs and once in a while one of them will be too lazy to bother going outside. But I couldn’t find any. A thorough search all over the house and the absolute lack of guilt in the demeanor of any pooch meant that there probably wasn’t an unwelcome pile somewhere. Also the stench increased the closer the proximity of the coffee pot.  Then, when the coffee/poo scent went away, an overwhelming odor of laundry-left-in-the-washing-machine-for-3-days took over. That hung around for a couple of hours and made me paranoid and asking a friend if I smelled bad. She said no…but that odor lingered.


As the day went on the effect lessened, but it was like the olfactory equivalent of those zinc tablets you suck on when a cold is impending. Food didn’t TASTE bad. Coffee tasted like coffee and cinnamon doughnuts like cinnamon…but smell was all messed up.

I have had olfactory hallucinations before. Usually they’re kind of fun, because I’ll smell bread baking or chocolate.  But this time. ew. no.

It’s livable. Breathing is a nice thing to be able to do, and I recommend it. The stuff isn’t something that has to be used forever. In the mean time I will eat many, many Altoids.


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5 Responses to Good riddance, Mabel, Hello Febreeze

  1. The nurse in me HAS to ask – what did he give you?

    Altoids are always fun anyway. I don’t have asthma, but in the winter I eat enough Hall’s to keep my dentist busy in the Spring.

  2. jeanieinparadise says:

    I have a mouth wash that I have to use currently that tastes like pork crackling (but not fatty).

    So glad that Mabel is shifting her insufferable ass – but those side effects should be noted on the side of the bottle.

  3. Bella Rum says:

    Oh, Rootie, I feel your pain. Isn’t it weird how our senses are affected by this kind of thing, but I have to say, I never did smell stinky laundry or doggie poop. You’ve got me there.

    I had to read back through previous posts to figure out who the heck Mabel is. At first I thought it was a new doggie.

    Feel better soon.

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