A Perfect Way To Start The Day

The started out well enough, getting up at 5, coffee, etc.  Breakfast fixed, lunches packed, chores done la de dah blahblahblah. Then…(tell me you didn’t see this one coming).

I took a shower. A perfectly ordinary shower with plenty of hot water and a nice towel, clean clothes for the day laid on the bed la de dah. All the mornin’ ablutions completed and the hair (I love my hair these days. Since it’s going silver, a nice light sparkly silver, it has also gone curly. I keep it short to emphasize those curls I never had growing up) was combed and fluffed and sprayed to keep it in place while it dried. Except…(tell me you didn’t see this coming)

It wasn’t hair spray. It was perfume. Or rather that bodymist stuff that comes in a bottle exactly like the bottle hair spray comes in. That stuff won’t hold your hair worth a flip. Nor does it smell that good when you put on 20 sprays of it instead of the 2 normally used. Also, just rinsing your hair, which is all I had time for as it was less than 10 minutes before time to take #4 to school,, isn’t adequate. I learned that in the car on the way to school.

It’s early yet. What’s next? When will the other shoe drop on the lovely lovely day?  Or is this with worst that will happen today and it’s just getting out of the way early?

I think some consolation bacon is in order. Don’t you?

A friend on Facebook told me once she grabbed a can of Scrubbing Bubbles instead of her hairspray.

Have you ever done anything like that?




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8 Responses to A Perfect Way To Start The Day

  1. I’ve seen (in a dressing room for a show) someone happily put deodorant on her hair and hair spray in her armpits without really realising what she was doing…until she realised her armpits were sticky and when she looked in the mirror she had a big white streak in her fringe. And then she had to go on, sticky and looking old before her time.
    I /definitely/ didn’t laugh. Much.

  2. Barbara says:

    Well, you could just drop the kid off at school with your hair in rollers….then you could add a bathrobe and a cigarette hanging out of your mouth to complete the effect. 😉

  3. pheenobarbidoll says:

    About 2 weeks ago I picked up what I thought was my oil repellent make up setting spray. Got 3 rapid pumps going before the icy burning let me know it was bio freeze I had grabbed by mistake.

    Guess what? Cold water makes it worse. Thankfully my eyes were shut.

  4. jerseechik says:

    You know I’ve already confused my facial moisturizer with toothpaste and scratched my armpit with the new deodorant’s ‘safety cap’.
    I’m glad your post didn’t include uncontrolled coughing, a trip to the doctor after mistaking cleaning solution for your inhaler, or (you do have Boys, after all), a small-ish explosion. One crisis/day at a time.

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