So, last night I experimented with this recipe. It looked good, had pretty pictures,and I do love roasted garlic.  Garlic was joyfully roasted with anticipation of a simple but tasty soup, even though there was a niggling back-of-the-mind trepidation about…y’know…a soup made from 4 entire heads of garlic, albeit roasted ones. The trepidation was silenced with the assurance that personal aromas only happened when one made a regular habit of eating such pungent food. It is not my habit to consume massive amounts of any allium so I forged ahead and made a big pot of what was,essentially, 4 heads of garlic, some noodles, and a bit of broth.


It was delicious.

The next day…um…

Ok, a good friend informed me I smelled like garlic, and that was ok, because that’s what friends are for. She attempted to backpedal with a phone call,and tried to convince me she was probably smelling her husband’s garlic remedy and that was sweet of her. However, Terry had been gone overnight on a business trip and when he arrived home I received a hug and “You smell like garlic.” and I resolved 2 things.

1.Never make that soup again. I don’t care how tasty it was. It ain’t happening. Smelling like anything more than Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Soap is not acceptable.

2.Heavily fortify my diet for the next several days with massive amounts of system-cleansing parsley. Lots and lots of it, fresh from the garden, and hope like everything that this stuff will be out of my system by Sunday, because….well. Church is a busy place, and smelling like Mama’s Italian Garlic Bread Balls isn’t a look I’m going for. If necessary,I’ll make a strong parsley tea and put it in an IV bag, then mainline it sometime Saturday.


Fortunately, I am not in a highly public sort of occupation, and have the luxury of being sequestered until this aromatic crisis passes.


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17 Responses to Gaaaaahlic,Dahling

  1. Barbara says:

    I absolutely adore the smell of garlic. I have no idea what all the fuss is about.

  2. Better than hearing you smell like shit!

  3. I was a vet tech for a few years….trust me when I say there are far worse things you can smell like lol

    (like when you drain the impacted anal abscess on a cat and the pus gets in your hair.)

    • rootietoot says:

      You were! My father’s a vet! Mom would usually make him take his clothes off before he could come inside. Now #3 son is one, and living with them, and she does the same thing. He loves to call and tell his latest aroma experience.

  4. lol yup! We had this little ankle biter that would come in for check ups, shots etc. He was MEAN and we had to wrap his head in a towel to cut his nails. He’d also take a huge poop during it. I’d always get the new guys to train and they’d always be ” I’ll hold the bottom end” once I told them about the biting (but left out the pooping). hehehehehehehehe

    • rootietoot says:

      Cj swears by giving cats the thump on the head before he starts working on them (when the owner isn’t looking. His boss will distract them with something to sign for a moment)

  5. Depends on the cat. Mine would proceed to eat your hand if you tried it. We boarded a demon cat that would reach through the bars and claw the hell out of anyone within reach. Cat liked me though and only me.

  6. That cat was just evil. His own owner had to wrap towels around her arms to catch him and put him in the carrier. When we’d see his name on the list everyone would be ” Aw hell. Him again”.

    I loved that job, but the vet was an asshole. His turn over is high because he screams at his techs and calls them stupid in front of the clients. I finally chewed his ass and then quit. 3 weeks later he called begging me to come back and I told him no way in hell. Between being screamed at (for doing exactly what he told me to do, exactly how he told me to do it, exactly when he wanted it done but he forgot he told me) and being hit on every 3rd day (inviting me to go out of town with him to see horse races..1 motel room) I just had to leave. Sad though because it was fun and interesting. And, dogs!!

    • rootietoot says:

      Yes DOGS! I love dogs. CJ sent me a picture a couple of weeks ago of him and Chester the 200 pound mastiff. He also tells stories of semen collections on a bull (first time for him, bless his heart)and other lovely stuff. His vet is a great boss, is teaching him all sorts of things, letting him assist in surgeries, and basically has convinced him to go to vet school. He’ll get Legacy admission because Dad taught there (that is, if he qualifies for admission, he’ll get put at the top of the list). his boss also lets him leave work when a fire call (he’s a volunteer fireman), because Boss has an old house made of fatlighter out in the country.

  7. That’s awesome! Would have been my dream job (2nd to Indiana Jones type archeologist) had it not been for the crazy boss. Assisting in surgery is honestly the coolest thing ever.

  8. Bella Rum says:

    I was all set to try this, but now I’m not so sure. I do love roasted garlic.

    • rootietoot says:

      AS long as both of you eat it, and you have no plans to go into public for the next few days. it should be ok. I think in the future I’ll use the roasted garlic concept,but not as the whole soup.

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