Rainy days and Tuesdays

It’s raining today, and is predicted to do so all week long. I like that! Rainy days mean productivity. The sound of of rain, heard through an open window, is the sound of whispers encouraging creativity and focus. It’s Time. That fabric which sat on the shelf for 6 months, awaiting inspiration, gave a little chirp last week, and my mind said “AHA!”  Originally it was purchased with the intention of a skirt and vest sort of thing. I have a pattern for a 1900’s era skirt- 7 gored with a kick pleat, and a same-period woman’s vest-double breasted with 20 tiny buttons, very fitted. The fabric was purchased with those in mind but something didn’t quite sit well. It is an outfit I would have worn cheerfully 25 years and 75 pounds ago. Now tho, I’d look like Lilly Langtry desperately holding on to the last tattered vestiges of her youth.  I believe in aging gracefully, and sincerely want to look like a well dressed 47 year old woman, and not a 47 year old pretending she was 22.  There is something sad about that, to me. Undignified,even.  I can manage lack of dignity quite well, thankyouverymuch, without having to dress the part.

So last Sunday, the decision was made to Do Something With That Fabric. 5 yards of tropic weight Valentino wool,charcoal grey. Breathtakingly expensive…more than I’d ever spent on anything-fabric or ready made. This was the source of the indecision. What if I didn’t get it right?  I have, however, 3 dresses made from a particular pattern. Every time I wear one of those dresses (a classic tailored button up dress. A-line skirt, no gathers or fluffy stuff),I am complimented. Who doesn’t like being complimented on what they’re wearing?  For someone who was told endlessly as a teenager “You dress weird”, getting a compliment is like sunshine and fertilizer.

So, the dress was cut out last week. I am confident with the pattern, I know how it fits, how it goes together, AND….there’s a dozen vintage black glass buttons to go down the front. Mom gave me her extensive button collection last year, and I spent a solid week sorting them, putting together the sets, and so on. There are a few sets that will have to have something made JUST so I can use them- they’re that cool.

Anyway, after cutting the dress out, a nasty cold came to visit. So sewing was put off. Now, tho, there’s only a cough left, inspiration has arrived, and motivation in the form of rain on the roof and a day free of obligations (Until 1:30, when the 12 year old daughter of a friend will show up for a sewing lesson). Boz Scaggs station on Pandora, cool breeze through a barely opened window…I am looking forward to this day!  I’ll take a picture of the dress when it’s finished.


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One Response to Rainy days and Tuesdays

  1. jeanieinparadise says:

    Oh I so perfectly know the feeling of which you speak. I once made a shirt just for the buttons – it had a dozen pleats at the back and a peplum, but the buttons were these wooden painted South American style stunners!

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