A delicate flower

I could get all dramatic and stuff about the long road to recovery and staying strong and eyes on the prize and inspirational things like that but honestly…it’s just a bad cold.


The vertigo is mild enough and short lived enough it really was just a good excuse to get out of housework for a few days. Tho I did have to grab the walls to go to the bathroom. But there are plenty of walls to grab to that was ok too. But, now it’s been…(um…let me think….) 5 days, and this morning it all reached critical mass and even though I don’t feel absolutely wonderful if someone didn’t get the coat of grease off the kitchen there would be carnage. Now, the 1950’s housewife in me gets chapped at the idea of expecting the Man of the House, Breadwinner and all that, to do my work. He’s been cooking and making cups of tea and running errands already, and it was hard enough to allow him to do that. I was NOT going to whine about the coat of grease and expect him to do something about it.


So…fortified with a couple of large cups of chicory coffee, the kitchen was tackled. Also a loaf of oatmeal bread was assembled in the bread machine and a smoked chicken was taken out of the freezer to thaw for supper tonight.  I’m thinking couscous to go with, and a mixed greens salad with some kind of ginger-sesame dressing. Easy to make, because I don’t have the energy for several hours in the kitchen making massaman curry or fried chicken or something.


Isn’t it interesting how, when there’s all kinds of time and energy to do something like cleaning the house, I can find all sorts of other things to do and make excuses like “I’d rather be doing something else” and totally blow off cleaning and such, but when the energy isn’t there, sitting in a chair like a pile of bricks, suddenly all that stuff I’d blown off for more interesting stuff seems so urgent and starts to make me crazy? Why is that?

lazy housewife

So now all that’s left is a nasty cough that once in a while is completely overwhelming and I have to lay down for a few minutes to recover.  After a particularly draining fit this morning, I looked over at Terry and said “I’m a delicate flower.” and he replied “I am glad you are finally realizing that.”  I wasn’t sure how to take it.

D3a24IjHaEu2q6Q6QS_v8Q2 (1)

It did feel good to get the kitchen cleaned up and a few piles managed. Hopefully by Monday everything will return to normal and I can start blowing off housework without guilt.


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4 Responses to A delicate flower

  1. Having the kitchen cleaned is a good sign you’re on the mend. I’m fighting a cold too (and my kitchen is still a mess) and it’s not fun. Hang in there.
    xo jj

  2. Bella Rum says:

    Glad you’re on the road to feeling better. Chicken, couscous and a salad sound good. I should pull the bread machine out. We haven’t done that in awhile and it makes the house smell so good.

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