I woke up at 2 am,  due to a loud snort that came from MY mouth since the decongestant taken at 8 pm had apparently worn off. Getting out of bed to take another one proved to be quite the challenge, because the room tilted about 20 degrees to the left then started swirling around like a carnival ride. Only in the dark with a dog at my feet.  Grabbing the walls was helpful, as was the foresight to leave another dose of decongestant on the bathroom counter. There was also quite a bit of gratitude that the floor was only 2 feet away from my knees, so there wasn’t too far to fall if it came to that.  Also for water. Water is lovely and wet, and restores the puckered lining of a snore traumatized throat.  And it’s soothing on a stomach that is still half a spin behind the rest of the body on that 2 am carnival ride. Whoo.

So, this morning I sat in the Captain’s Seat (a brown leather La-Z-Boy recliner in the living room) and gave instructions to the trusted First Leiutnenat  LootenentLieutenant (I had to look that up) on baking biscuits and cooking sausage and fixing lunches, all the time profoundly grateful that there were no small children in the household.

I remember going through this very thing about 20 years ago. At that time there were 3 children 5 and under around here. The solution to dealing with them while riding an internal carnival ride involved a large box of Cheerios, sippy cups that the 5 year old could fill, and an entire day’s worth of Thomas the Tank Engine VCR tapes.  I laid on the couch with my eyes covered. The doors to the rooms no one was allowed into were locked (including the doors going outside), and I didn’t care if Cheerios got scattered because the 18 month old would find them and that was OK. To this day, that stupid chipper theme song will roll through my brain on an endless loop while memories (that honestly make me giggle) of Gordon announcing he’s going to “Boop boop” Henry when he goes through the tunnel.

I really really wanted to do some sewing today. I finally summoned up the courage to cut out a dress from this gorgeous piece of charcoal grey Valentino tropical weight wool….lovely stuff, as supple as fine linen, and the costliest piece of anything I’d ever owned…ready made or fabric.  It took several months of pondering to decide what exactly to do with it. The dress got cut out yesterday and I was excited about sitting down with it today and tomorrow. There’s even a dozen vintage black glass buttons to use on it! But no. If that was attempted today it could be a disaster.

I will be thankful for canned soups, and for that dinner invitation that was extended yesterday. Terry and #4 can go, and I’ll just sit here with my eyes closed and watch the pretty carnival lights.


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4 Responses to Vertigo!

  1. Have the T-shirt says:

    I’ve never experienced vertigo, but I know people who have suffered with it for years and it sounds horrible. Hope yours passes quickly.

  2. Bella Rum says:

    I’ve had vertigo and it is a nasty thing. I can’t imagine having it with three little ones. Whew! First Lieutenants are very handy to have around in these situations. I hope you’re feeling better today. Please stay horizontal as much as you can until it goes away. The last thing you need is a broken anything. Thinking of you.

    • rootietoot says:

      Thank you. The dizziness is better but now I have the flu with a roaring vengeance. All I want is someone here to bring me tea and crackers, and tuck a blanket around my feet.

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