Simple solutions to simple problems

Now I am dealing with the other half of the flu. 2 weeks ago it was the fever and body aches but that’s all. Now it’s the congestion and congestion and cough, but that’s all. I reckon God’s being kind to me, and for that I thank Him.
Anyway,last night I was all congested and sinusy and unhappy about it. Also, 3 nights of poor sleep was wearing on us both, thanks to my egregious snoring due to sinus issues.  So I was sitting in the Cave with Terry as he was enjoying an evening cigar and I recalled something I read (on the internet, so you know it’s true) about how smoking can shrink sinuses and throats if they’re swollen. Terry handed me his cigar and dug out another one for himself.
Mind you, I do not like smoking. It changes the way I taste everything for several days and I am all about the flavor of the food.  But, 3 nights poor sleep due to chainsaw-like snoring causing desperation and you know what they say:
“Desperate times call for desperate measures.”
and I smoked that cigar. It was a Romeo y Julieta double maduro, very dark with a sweet and slightly nutty aroma. Tasted like ass ,to me all cigars do, but smelled lovely. And…I could breathe. Terry said I didn’t start snoring until about 3am, so we both got a decent night’s sleep! Yay!


Here’s how I feel about smoking in general. Personally, I like the smell of burning tobacco, whether it’s a cigarette or certain brands of cigars and pretty much all pipe smoke. I do not like the stench of a Partagas cigar, I don’t care if they’re $20 a stick. They smell like an old guy sitting on the front porch of his row house in Queens,yelling at his wife to bring him another cheap beer. He’s wearing a wife-beater shirt with a bbq stain on the front. That’s what I think of Partagas. And Cohibas. I don’t care if they’re Cuban. Just because they’re illegal doesn’t make them smell any better. Don’t ask how I know that, I’ll deny it.

But your general basic cigarette, or a decent $8 cigar, those smell lovely. I enjoy sitting downwind of Terry on an evening when he’s enjoying a Montecristo or an Avo. I will (if practical) follow a person down the street if they’re smoking a cigarette, because I like the aroma of (most forms of) burning tobacco.

I do not smoke them (except very occasionally for Medicinal Purposes), because they taste nasty. They leave an aftertaste that is like licking an ashtray and it lingers for several days. However, last night I opined that the lingering aftertaste of burned tobacco was not any worse than the metallic flavor that zinc tablets cause, when I take them for cold issues.


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6 Responses to Simple solutions to simple problems

  1. jerseechik says:

    Umm, certain cigars are a treat to smell. I’m glad there’s a convenient solution for your flu wrap-up!

  2. Jo says:

    Canadians can buy Cuban cigars at any tobacconist…no embargo here. My dad, gone now, always enjoyed a good-quality Cuban cigar on Sundays and to this day, the smell of a good cigar reminds me of him.

    • rootietoot says:

      Terry got ahold of a couple of Cohibas from a friend who’d been to Cuba via Canada. I honestly wasn’t impressed with them. But, like anything else, each person has their own preferences.

  3. I quit smoking 3 weeks ago, and have replaced it with those e-cigs that are vapor. They’re awesome and taste like pipe smoke smells. Ive always loved the smell of pipes. But yes, smokers have a hard time quitting because you start coughing, and a cigarette numbs that. These e-cigs kept me from coughing, so you might try a flavored e-cig with no nicotine next time.

  4. Bella Rum says:

    I never heard that about smoking. You learn something new everyday. I like the smell of some pipe tobacco… cigarette smoke not so much.

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