That’s better!

I knew it wouldn’t last! Grumpy moods rarely do around here.  With a dog like this:

Rusty in the window

Rusty in the window

and a cat like that:

Gracie in the window

Gracie in the window

who can stay crabby for long? Not me.

Also, bagels!


AND! it’s Friday, even though yesterday was kind of like Friday because I didn’t have to get dressed and haul #4 around, only not because today I did,but it wasn’t like Sunday either because there was no getting dressed nice and singing and stuff like is normally done on Sunday, also it’s not Monday, because there isn’t an entire week of getting dressed by 7:30 staring at me.

Did that make sense?

Now then…there’s stuff going on around here. Personal things I can’t really discuss, but it is interesting to watch your kids grow up. They aren’t kids anymore. One of them is, because he’s 13, but the other ones aren’t and it is very difficult to change patterns of thinking about them. I am trying, really hard I am.  They are adults now, with adult decisions to make and I can NOT rescue them. I don’t want to and they don’t need it.  Actually I kind of DO want to but that would not be what’s best for them, and I want what’s best for them more than I want to rescue them.

Ye With Adult Offspring: Do you ever get over wanting to rescue your kids?  Does it feel fantastic when you see them get out of their own situations without your help? I need to know it will feel fantastic for them, because they did it, and for me, because I will see them as an adult when they do.  I love my kids,and that means letting them leave the nest and make their own ways, however treacherous those ways may look to me.  Right?


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