Cranky griping old person

I suppose this is where I start griping about getting old, and arthritic pain, and kids these days and such.  because right now I feel OLD. It hurts, the joints. Particularly hands and wrists, ankles and feet. But not the hip! Oh no! NOT THE HIP!  Even 5 years later I can marvel at the miraculous difference having that nasty old hip replaced with a high quality space aged titanium model has made in my quality of life.

6 years ago, weather like this would have been incapacitating. I would have been scrounging through the medicine cabinet, looking for an old bottle of mostly ineffective Percocet, or downing handfulls of Motrin against the sharp advice of all the doctors.  6 years ago I couldn’t get any effective pain medication, because there wasn’t any. Narcotics? Phhht. They made me loopy so the pain wasn’t as big an issue,but didn’t actually DO anything for it. Motrin worked ok, but it took so much it fried my kidneys.

Kids, when you read the bottle of Motrin and it says Do Not Exceed The Recommended Dosage, believe them. If you exceed the recommended dosage for long enough (for me, it took about a year), it WILL damage your kidneys, your doctor WILL call you with panic in his voice after your quarterly exam w/bloodwork,  and there WILL be noises made that sound a lot like “dialysis” and “transplant”.  You can recover (some) enough for the “dialysis” and “transplant” noises to quiet down, but not the “you’d better take your kidney medications regularly for the rest of your life, and cancel the plans to become a racehorse.”

On the other hand…

Doctors, if you have a patient who appears to be young and healthy, yet complains of chronic pain, please read the X-ray first, before looking at the chart.  Then you won’t make the automatic assumption that, just because she’s under the care of a psychiatrist for a completely unrelated condition, she’s a drug seeker. And for God’s sake, call her other doctor BEFORE you accuse her of being a drug seeker, because he might tell you that she tends to underplay pain and is probably in much worse than she’s telling you!

Ok anyway…there’s a weather system passing through (Bella! What’s happening there? Are you still on the map??), and even though we are pretty much south of it, we are still getting enough stuff to make me feel OLD and CREAKY.  Terry has the flu, so he feels that way already, but I was sitting here reading Facebook or something when WHAM…my hands started hurting and wrists started with this alarming popping and if my feet were dogs they’d have started to howl.  I looked over at Terry and asked if his arm (broken a couple of years ago, has plates in it) was hurting and he said “yes, just now, really bad.”


I remember as a kid, hearing some old person complaining about Barometric Arthritis and thinking they were full of beans,and that was just some excuse to complain.  Dear Old Person Who I Thought Disrespectful Thoughts About, Please forgive me. I am so sorry. You were right and I was wrong to doubt you.

I suppose I could go online and look for remedies. I’ve heard some. Mom swears by 11 golden raisins soaked in gin, once a day.  I would love to have a hot tub to soak in. I know for a solid FACT that would work. I’ve heard of copper bracelets, eating jello, and watching music videos that will keep you young (I watch the BeeGees,does that count?)

Do you have any remedies?


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2 Responses to Cranky griping old person

    • rootietoot says:

      once upon a time, about 30 years ago, I got into a tequila drinking contest with a young woman who’d announced she could drink anyone under the table. 22 shots later, she was unconscious and I was still standing (briefly). After a 4 day hangover that had me removing all the batteries from the clocks because the ticking felt like a hammer to my temples, I swore off tequila entirely. Vodka, however, is another story.

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