I had a dream

I had a dream last night that I was in a land (country? on a planet?) where there was no knowledge of God. Not just denial of Him, but a complete unawareness that He existed.  It was a place where “right” meant “whatever I want” and “wrong” meant “whatever kept me from having what I want”.  In one part of the dream, I was standing on a concourse outside, much like the one at Haley Center at Auburn U.  A group of mentally handicapped people, all in a straight line, shuffled through, and several people were throwing rocks and taunting them.  I tried explaining that the people could not help being mentally handicapped, and taunting them was no different than making fun of someone for being blonde, or having brown eyes. So they threw rocks at me as well.  Later I met a man who was frustrated because he was having trouble reconciling the concepts of “right and wrong”,because one person’s right could be another person’s wrong. I explained to him about an omniscient and omnipresent God who laid down a set of concrete laws that defined “right and wrong” and applied to everyone. He said that was too hard to keep, so that led to an explanation of God and His Son,and mercy and grace. Also,how having the same set of concrete laws, defining “right and wrong” meant everyone had the same standards to follow, which helped eliminate confusion within a society.

I woke  up feeling a little bit frustrated, but also profoundly grateful that we live in a world where there is a concrete “right and wrong”, and those are essentially universal ideas (most of them, anyway).  That world, with no order and no sense of the value of other people, was a pretty awful place, and I am thankful it’s not real.

Even with so many people in this country yelling about how Godless it is…it’s not Godless. It never has been, and never will be. He IS everywhere, and working His Will always. Even when someone doesn’t see it or understand what’s going on. Even people who claim to be Godless, are not,because He is there, too.

I don’t understand the point in denying that, I don’t really understand why anyone would WANT to be in a Godless world, where “right” means “whatever I want” and “wrong” means “whatever keeps me from having what I want”.   It sounds really awful to me.


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11 Responses to I had a dream

  1. The only people I’m aware of that believe “right is whatever I want are” sociopaths and politicians. Atheists do not, unless they are sociopaths and politicians.

    Right=” whatever I want etc” is not exclusive to a godless world. God could tell you to smash children in the face with bricks, but that wouldn’t make it right.

    Lack of empathy is what leads to that mentality.

    • rootietoot says:

      Ok, to your points.
      1. It was a dream, and in it, the people had no concept of a God existing. The athiests I’ve met understand the concept of God, but do not believe He exists, there’s a difference. I understand the concept of Karma, but do not believe it exists, unless it is defined as consequence.

      2. In my dream, that is how a Godless world manifested-with “right and wrong” manifesting as I described.

      As I saw it, in the dream, a lack of universal truth (which I interpret as God-given, and I understand that athiests see it differently,I am not arguing that point, merely describing how I interpret it) led to anarchy and (what you and I both define as) sociopathy. The existence of Universal Truth, that is, it is wrong to throw rocks at people,rape, steal, and murder, did not exist in my dream, because there was no knowledge of God at all, whether believed in or not.

  2. Lisa Harney says:

    I love how dreams have their own internally consistent logic and meaning. It doesn’t necessarily reflect the real world, and it doesn’t have to.

    This dream does sound disturbing, but I think it also reflects how important compassion, caring, and understanding are to you.

    • rootietoot says:

      Thank you, Lisa! You get what I was trying to say! It was disturbing, and upsetting, mainly because of the lack of compassion I perceived in the other characters in the story.

      • Lisa Harney says:

        Thanks to antidepressants I have some fairly intense dreams. I spend as much time analyzing the idiosyncratic rules as I do the actual events. It’s interesting. Dreams have their own physics and those physics can be defined by emotion, belief, morality, etc. It’s not so easy to just pick and choose the elements one is most comfortable with.

  3. I get that it was a dream, but there are plenty of cultures that have no god (and I mean of any kind, even pagan) and understand that causing injury to another person is wrong. Some NA cultures don’t believe in any Diety that sets down moral law, yet had more morality than we do today. (and a lot fewer cases of things like rape and murder, so rare they didn’t even had words for them) What they had was empathy and the ability to identify with other people. IE- I won’t rape this person because I don’t want to be raped, it’s harmful…it’s harmful therefore it’s wrong. Social animals have these empathetic traits, and it’s not even exclusive to humans.

    • rootietoot says:

      “but there are plenty of cultures that have no god (and I mean of any kind, even pagan) and understand that causing injury to another person is wrong.”

      This is what is meant by Universal Law-I see it as God-given, even if others don’t. There is a place for Universal Law in the natural mind of humankind.

  4. I dunno…the whole godless society gets up my nose because its exactly what led to our genocide. The idea that a godless society is full of anarchy ridden sociopaths got a whole lot of good people killed.

  5. Oh and Im not saying you in any way support that or mean that, but its one of those phrases that kinda feels like an unexpected slap. It makes me flinch to see it. Know what I mean?

    • rootietoot says:

      I know what you mean, and I am sorry it felt like a slap. That was not my intention. I have to ponder pretty hard about some things before I write them down, because it bothers me to know I am causing offense, but ultimately I need to say what I need to say (refer to the title of the blog).

    • rootietoot says:

      I recognize that there are people who do not believe in a deity, who are wonderful, kind and generous. I know some. I also know there are people who call themselves Christians (etc) who are actually kind of monstrous in the way they treat others. I know some of them as well. Labels do not define the quality of a person’s character. I truly do understand that. Within the narrative of my dream, those are the things that were going through my mind, thus the way I defined what I was experiencing.

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