I guess it’s all settling in. The weekend has been emotional- highs and lows, good stuff and bad. Some stuff was both good *and* bad, which is hard to chew on and swallow but there it is anyway. I’m not able to go into it more than that, as it involves people who are not me, and is very personal. However it was cathartic in a sad sort of way.

I am mentally processing the events of last Thursday. Being far enough removed from it that I was not directly affected, I can do that.  For that I am profoundly thankful.

I was able to spend a bit of time with my eldest, He Who Moved Out And Who’s Former Bedroom Was Painted Pink.  He is doing remarkably well. And why not? Because I am…well… For all my Scottish Presbyterian Heritage, in my heart of hearts I am an over controlling Italian-Jewish Mother. Sorry son, but that’s reality.   I was pretty sure he was wasting away into nothing, surviving (barely) on cheap sodas and stale popcorn, living in a cardboard box next to the dumpster outside the movie theater where he works. Imagine my delighted surprise to see him healthy and pink, in need of nothing more than a ride (due to a flat tire) and a little time with his mother.  He even let me see his apartment, which was comfortably furnished, tidy, and smelled nice.  He is working many hours, and…well, I am really happy to see for myself that he is doing so well.

(I use “well” too much. Too bad.)

We finally got the Christmas tree up and sort of decorated. David helped get it into the stand, which took some finagling and application of wooden blocks due to the screws in the stand being rusted in place, and me being too cheap to go get another one because at least this one doesn’t leak. I will throw it away, and note in next year’s calendar (late November) that it was discarded,so I don’t get pissed off at not being able to find it.   Once it was in place, the lights were put on, 100 small white ones and 250 smaller colored ones. It looks so pretty I left it that way, then when everyone came in later in the day, they agreed that it looked very pretty, so we didn’t put any ornaments on it. None. Just lights. We are all still pleased with it. Yesterday Terry said it was very modern and minimalist, which is a style I like anyway, so I felt complimented by that.

And so it is. All the gifts are bought and wrapped. All that remains are stocking stuffer stuff, which will get done this week one day when I am bored.  Big Lots..that’s the best place for that sort of thing.


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  1. Good news on your son’s new apartment– Just goes to show you taught him to be independent and take care of himself. (I loved the “it smelled good” part 🙂

    Christmas lights, especially on a tree, always make the holidays more festive. I’m glad yours are up.

    xo jj

  2. I did a scroll through your posts this morning – and then mornings went the shape that they are apt to do, so here I am back again this evening!

    I love your table – excellent work. And well done on the presents – I have now got 5 under my belt, so have to use my lunch hour wisely tomorrow.

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