Bits and pieces











Now! With bullet points!

  • We still don’t have the Christmas tree up. It has been sitting on the patio, in a bucket of water, for nearly a week. There are lights up tho, and wrapped gifts, so I guess we’re not total…whatevers.
  • I LOVE MY CUTTING TABLE! No bending, I can reach across it, and it’s big enough to cut out pieces for a 5 foot tall indoor tent. Bliss!
  • Daisy(the standard dachshund,as opposed to Lily, Lacy, and Rusty who are mini dachshunds) is busily eviscerating all of the stuffed dog toys. She is irritated by anything with eyes or fluff. at least it keeps her away from Rusty’s food bowl, which he defends ferociously from her, and only her.
  • Bean and farrow (a type of grain a lot like wheat) soup for supper. I am not enthusiastic. I’d rather have something else, like a hamburger.
  • Terry brought home 4 pair of warm fuzzy socks last night, just in time for rain and cold. Good man!
  • There is only a little bit of Christmas shopping left to do, mostly stocking stuffers. Everything else is wrapped and ready to put under the tree, should we ever decide to put it up.
  • Next week is exam week for #4, and he talked his English teacher into giving her exam Thursday afternoon instead of the scheduled Friday morning, so the 8th grade has an extra day of break- Good lad!
  • Terry had seared scallops the other night. I had beef stroganoff and noodles. Scallops sound better.
  • No one is sick!  (that I am aware of, haven’t heard from Will or CJ lately)

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