Not to brag or anything…ok totally to brag.

But you would too.

So, I had this problem. The only half-decent place I had for cutting out clothes and such was the dining table. Now, it’s a lovely table, and it’s very wide and long so there’s all kinds of room, I mean this table is like North and South Dakota put together in one spot…huge!  What I like about it is the width, wide enough to lay out…well anyway, you get the point. It’s a nice big table. However…

It’s a tad low. Just right for pulling up a chair and eating, or playing cards, or whatever.  Notsomuch for standing at and cutting stuff out. That bend-over thing necessary to do the work was…painful. Nearly debilitating if a lot had to be done. I’d cut something out, and it it involved more than about 45 minutes of work, I’d have to spend the next couple of hours in the chair with a heating pad on my lower back, a soothing cup of tea by my side and an episode of Ballykissangel on the tube. (I recommend that show…look it up. Netflix and Amazon both have it). And tylenol.

Anyway, Terry, observant and generous man that he is, noticed the problem. He has also been uncommonly cheerful due to an assortment of MASSIVE changes at work- those mysterious ones I’ve barely eluded to, but will explain hopefully after the first of the year.  His good cheer and a blastingly thorough cleanup and organization of his woodshop resulted in a dramatic upswing in creativity, and he wanted to make something that he could do quickly, for encouragement to get his woodworking mojo back.

Well, I’d say it worked because O people, he fixed my problem in a fantastically effective way, that has me positively giggly and as soon as I am mentally 100% it will get used most enthusiastically, as the fabric and patterns have arrived from the designer and people, I’ve got a wedding dress to make.

Behold, my new Folding Cutting Table, Feast your eyes on it’s wonderfulness and stuff.

The legs swing out to hold up the top, and swing back in, with the leaves folding down to make this neat package that fits nicely in the closet, or a corner of the room (currently occupied by a small Christmas tree.)  It is entirely his own design, not something from a magazine.

It's 78" by 30" with a smooth white laminate top.

It’s 78″ by 30″ with a smooth white laminate top.

table2 table3 table4 table5


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2 Responses to Not to brag or anything…ok totally to brag.

  1. pheenobarbidoll says:

    awesome possum

  2. pheenobarbidoll says:

    Also- because I am married to a not handy man, I have forced him to spend time with my father. Who is one of those men who can build anything, fix anything, shoot anything and weld anything within 30 seconds of deciding he wants to do it. He’s also the type of father that will teach anyone within earshot how to do these things too. He taught me, but I have no patience to teach my husband, and it makes me feel like a mommy which lessens the sexy in the pants feelings, so I wisely devised a method of getting my dad to do it for me.

    Namely, I make my husband come with me to my parents house, and have my mom send him out to the garage to see what my dad wants for lunch. 3 hours later my husband will reappear- dirty and much more handy than when he went in.


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