The Language of love

We have been married for 26-1/2 years.  Wow, that seems like a long time when it’s written down like that, but it’s gone by really fast.

This morning, we were up… well… early for the rest of the world, but late for us- 6:00 am.  After a cup of coffee, about 6:30, Terry started kind of twitching and said “I guess I’m turning into your father.”

I knew exactly what he meant. In my family, people like Dad are said to “not idle well” or in mechanical terms, “He idles rough.”  Terry’s about 75% done with a wonderful project, and was anxious to get back to it, but also with the knowledge that church was this morning and time with me drinking morning coffee is important, etc…I read that without words, and reasoned with him about why it was a good time to go out to the shop: 4 hours before church, I have to be there early so I’ll drive myself in, a bunch of logistical details so he can work in the shop and still get there in time to hear the choir sing a couple of classical songs we’ve been working hard on.  He never said “I want to go out into the shop and work.” but I knew it because I could hear him idling rough.

So, he went upstairs to dress and I wandered into the kitchen to fix him another cup of coffee to take outside.

/aside For those of you in cooler climes,  it’s 61F this morning…I think that’s around 15-16C. Not that I’m bragging or anything, but the Winters around here are outstanding.  /end aside

When he came down and got his shoes on, I pointed toward the kitchen and said “There’s a thing of stuff for you on the thing in that room.”  and he replied “Oh! Thank you! Did you put enough stuff in it?” and I replied “I think so- a heaping whatever.”  “Oh excellent, thank you.”

We’ve known each other long enough to understand.  I like that but sometimes it can make for lazy language.


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2 Responses to The Language of love

  1. jerseechik says:

    I hold fast to the belief that older folks are thinking deeper thoughts and don’t have the energy/attention/shallowness to shift quickly onto other topics. Your and SD’s brilliance is obvious.

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