Hunters and gatherers

I see 2 styles of shoppers- hunters and gatherers.



Hunters go in knowing exactly what they want, find it and buy it whether it’s on sale or not, then leave.  At the risk of being sexist, this is how most men shop.  Except Terry. He has a bit of the hunter in him,as he will essentially know what he’s after and get that, but he also likes to see what’s on sale, and maybe get a couple of those as well.

Women tend to be gatherers, ambling around looking for what’s interesting and maybe getting one, but not without first going into TJMaxx to see if they have something similar for 1/4 the price,and also wandering into Bath and Body Works because they are likely having a sale and Moonlight Path is yummy and I’m almost out and Oh look! The Christmas scents are available now I wonder if they have a peppermint thing, I love peppermint and it doesn’t give me an allergic reaction the way the cinnamon stuff does…oh aren’t the candle sleeves pretty this year, I really like the snowflake ones. That reminds me, I need to see if Williams-Sonoma has snowflake cookie cutters that are different from the 127 snowflake I already have.

However, I am not a gatherer. I actually kind of despise shopping. The last time I gathered was when the car was in the shop and the shuttle dropped me at the mall…and suddenly there was 5 hours to kill. Honestly, it was kind of excruciating, but I made the best of it. The mall had a Bass Pro Shop,so there were guns to look at, and crossbows, and smokers.  Also an AJ Moore, with the Martha Stewart line of glitters (yes. guns and glitter. I am a well rounded woman). Upon wandering into Dillard’s (a somewhat high end department store…not Nordstrom, but not JC Penney either) and perusing ladies underthings, I was nearly tackled by a young woman with a tape measure around her neck. She informed me that she was a representative of some (very expensive) “ladies foundation garment company” (bras) and she was of the opinion that I probably needed a proper fitting. She was more polite than that, but that was the essence of it. Having never had a proper fitting (even though at one point my husband worked for Vanity Fair and their designers) and also having several hours to kill, I thought “why not” and got a proper fitting. Imagine my surprise at being told “all wrong” with what I thought I was, and then she put a proper one on and I was like “day-um” and promptly bought a (very comfortable, and stunningly-for me- expensive) bra. I felt like I should,since she’d just spent the better part of an hour measuring and letting me try things on and showing how to adjust etc, plus her skills made The Girls look better than they had in years and years and years we’re talking along the lines of 20 of years.

That was the only time I’d gathered. I didn’t like it but it was better than sitting in the waiting room of a car dealership. Last time I did that I came home with a new car, so I think being at the mall was a better deal, expensive bra and all.

Today, I hunted. I wanted some black shoes, of a specific style, and a couple of peppermint things to make the house smell nice.

You see, my mother in law told the boys she thought our house smelled bad, and while I can normally blow stuff off like that (typically our house smells of whatever’s cooking- beef stew or fresh bread,etc), for some reason that really got under my skin, and since then I have felt very insecure about it, even though friends have said that the house smells fine.

So, a tour of the shoe store revealed no shoes like I wanted. That took 5 minutes.  So I went into Belk, internally wincing because they are kind of expensive BUT, a SALE was going on and they had the exact shoes I was looking for.

These are not the shoes I bought.

These are not the shoes I bought.

The sales guy said “you were very low maintenance, I’m giving you an extra 10% off.” He had just dealt with a woman who had no idea what she wanted and also argued with him about her shoe size…she insisted it was 6 and he was pretty sure it was more like an 8, and she griped because none of the shoes were comfortable…etc.  All that took maybe 10 minutes.   Because they were ON SALE, I had enough left to go to Bath and Body Works for the peppermint candles, and that took 5 minutes so I was in and out of the mall in 20 minutes, feeling very smug at my hunting abilities.

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4 Responses to Hunters and gatherers

  1. pheenobarbidoll says:

    I go in, get what I need/want and get out. I hate going shopping with my bff, she has to look in every store, every rack, every aisle. My brother is the same way. Shopping with him takes hours. My mom hates shopping for anything.

  2. Bella Rum says:

    I used to be a gatherer. Those days are long gone. I hate shopping. I’m a hunter now. Not only do I hunt, but I don’t even walk around in the forest with my list and wallet. I stay in my very nice deer stand, fire up the internet and wait for the deer to show up at my door – free shipping and all. My front step is the only place I do any gathering. If I absolutely must go to the mall, it’s a dive in and out for one or two specific things. I can’t take it anymore.

    Your 20-minute trip is impressive… especially while buying shoes.

    • rootietoot says:

      Oh I LOVE shopping on the internet! ESPECIALLY at Christmas! No crowds, you can do it in your pajamas and with a head cold, and find things that would never be in a mall store (Omar Bradley G.I, Joe, Indian kitchen hygiene poster, scary lifelike rubber iguana).
      Shoes, unless I know the brand well, must be tried on tho.

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