Deck the halls, rah rah rah…

In spite of the worlds best efforts, in spite of cheery commercials that tell me if I give/get expensive electronics and sparkly jewelry I will be showing/receiving proper love to my family, in spite of a massive stack of catalogs arriving daily in the mail that exhort me to purchase woodstoves/goats/free trade pistachios that benefit less fortunate people…I ain’t feelin’ it much.

Everyone else in the house is respecting that, bless their hearts. I love them for their sensitivity to my mercurial moods.  Terry and the boys climbed into the attic yesterday and got down the boxes of Christmas decorations. I poked at them in a desultory manner and grumbled at the strings of lights that wouldn’t light up.  Upon finding a string that DID light, Terry cheerfully went to Walmart and purchased a step stool and those Command stick on hooks, to make it easier to hang them.  I have a rather contemporary kitchen, and like to hang a string of colored lights across the top of the cabinets.  So that got done. I felt slightly more cheerful.


Then  dug through the box of Santa mugs. I started collecting them 25 years ago,when I discovered they are usually very cheap, they’re cheerful and festive and Christmasy. The thinkng was “this is very cheap, festive, and Christmasy. It will give the boys something they can both give me, and can use for their morning hot chocolate,and being a little bit silly, the mugs are…y’know…cheap, festive,and Christmasy.”  Every year I get at least one, unless they come across another one that they like. This year I got 3, because Eli spied a very silly one that looks like Santa doing a handstand.


So there’s That. I am drinking the morning coffee out of a Santa mug, in another attempt to jump start the mood.

handstand santa

This one cracks me up every time.

This one cracks me up every time.

I guess the problem is that there’s the STUFF going on at Terry’s job. STUFF I can’t really talk about, but there is a huge amount of uncertainty and that is squashing the ability to cut loose and enjoy the holidays at the moment.  NO, he’s not at risk of losing his job (Thank God!) but…well. Uncertainty.  A resolution would make it a lot easier to relax.

In the mean time I am muddling through on autopilot. Fortunately there’s 26 years of Christmases to call on, so I know what to do, which noises to make, how to comment on other people’s festive decorations.

You know what else would help? Maybe a bit of Winter weather! It got up to 78 yesterday. Open window and ceiling fan temperatures. Ridiculous.  How am I supposed to wear an ugly Christmas sweater when it’s t-shirt temps?


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14 Responses to Deck the halls, rah rah rah…

  1. I LOVE Christmas (yes, an atheist can love Christmas) and I love decorating for it. I, too, wish the weather would get with the program. 80 degrees does not feel like Christmas unless you’re Australian, and I am not. I adored Christmas time in Alberta, because it had SNOW and the trees and all that you think when you think of a Christmas landscape. It’s the only thing I miss about living there.

    • rootietoot says:

      I have no issues with an athiest loving Christmas! It’s mostly pagan anyway, all those trees and yule logs and stuff ain’t Christian noway. I generally love the excuse to hang stuff around and bake and make candy, and it’s as good an excuse as any. The simple truth is, if you go by the Biblical indicators (shepherds with their flocks by night, the Roman census going on, etc), Jesus was most likely born mid to late Spring, and the people trying to Christianize Europe way back when made His birthday in December to appease the Pagans who got pissed when they were told to give up their heathenish midwinter party.

    • rootietoot says:

      And Christmas in CANADA! I bet it was beautiful! We lived in northern Illinois when I was a kid, and I loved the snow.

  2. Ruth Isham says:

    The South should definitely start selling Christmasy T-shirts and long-sleeved Ts. This isn’t the first time the cold snap has held off until January. Or how about eyelet linen, capsleeve blouses with Christmas-symbol embroidery around the collar?

  3. Last year it snowed on Christmas day, then was 80 on New Years Eve. Yesterday it was 80 and today the high will be 64. Then back up to the 80’s until Sunday. 3 weeks ago it went from 94 to 42 overnight. I can’t tell you what this weather is doing to my sinuses, and at this point people who think climate change is imaginary are living with their heads in the sand. I wish them chronic sinuses infections for the rest of their lives.

    • rootietoot says:

      It’s always like that here. There is a push of warm air before a cold front, and it will get up to 85 or so, then 12 hours later it will be 35. I remember a December when it got up to 90 for a couple of days, and we ran the A/C, then the temperature dropped to 30 in about 6 hours.

  4. Since November we’ve been 20 degrees above average. Not fun. I want Christmassy weather.

  5. Ren says:

    Is it wrong its not XMas for me until I see people in shorts and lights in palm trees?

    Here we’ll get snow and ice and shit, and yeah, I will chainsaw the tree to fit in the living room….but secret here? My LEAST fav holiday.

    • rootietoot says:

      It’s not wrong…can you go see your parents at some point? I think it may be mine as well. All those obligations. The other holidays,all you really have to do is feed everyone, and I love doing that. Terry and I are bugging out for 3 days on the 26th- rented a cabin in the mountains where we’re going to hope we get snowed in, and…NO CELL RECEPTION, NO INTERNET. The rest of the family will just have to make do.

  6. Bella Rum says:

    Sometimes it’s just impossible to get in the mood. The Santa mugs are great. I have only one. It sits on the window sill with candy canes in it and the grandkids love it.

    I hope things at Terry’s job resolve themselves soon and I hope it’s to your liking. Job uncertainty is a killer. Fingers crossed for both of you.

    It’s been in the seventies here. Ug.

    • rootietoot says:

      Thanks! Things are starting to resolve with his work- the first and largest step has been made, I should be able to write about it after the first of the year. Fortunately I have 1 person I can dump on, which keeps me from totally blowing a gasket.
      So warm here- ugh indeed. I keep seeing ideas for making pretty things from ice, to decorate your porch, etc. So pretty, so utterly impossible.

  7. pheenobarbidoll says:

    We’re having a cold front blow in Monday!!!

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