I don’t understand!


I’ve posted before about this, how MAGIC things seem to me. If I don’t know how it works, then it’s MAGIC. Computers, microwave ovens, radios and TV, electricity…all MAGIC.

There are many things I understand. I ‘get’ my gas stove. Propane burns, makes heat, and I can cook things.  I can comprehend crayons. Wax sticks, with color in them, you rub them on paper and it leaves a mark.  I understand my sewing machine, but not the electricity that runs it. And now that I have a fancy pants computerized one, I  just take a deep breath and trust it.

This morning Terry was setting up this new thing connected to the TV that lets us stream all sorts of stuff like Pandora and Netflix and Amazon Instant and a whole bunch of other things. He was sitting in his chair, pointing the remote at the little box and setting it up. HOW DOES IT KNOW? WHAT KIND OF MAGIC IS THIS?

I feel so simpleminded, that all this is amazing.  I remember as a child with a transistor radio being so impressed at being able to turn this knob and changing the station, all with this ittle thing I could hold in my hand! I could listen to Radio Mystery Theater or Queen or Merle Haggard! All by turning a knob!

In order to prevent looking like a complete rube, I don’t exclaim in wonder every time a bag of popcorn is popped in the microwave, or a light comes on at the flip of the switch, but honestly, electricity evades me.  Strike a match and light a candle, sure, that’s easy enough, it’s friction and a chemical reaction causing light and heat. But mash a few buttons and make a couple of beeps and suddenly a bag of popped popcorn appears? WHAT?!

And the whole COMPUTER thing, OH MAH GOODNESS!  I rub my finger around on a little square and this arrow on the screen moves around and when the arrow is where I want it, on something that’s nothing more than a picture on a screen, I can tap the little square and SOMETHING HAPPENS! I might see another picture! Or read something! Or…or…even…HAVE A REAL-TIME CONVERSATION WITH SOMEONE IN AUSTRALIA! OR RUSSIA! OR MY HUSBAND IN THE CHAIR 3 FEET OVER THERE! WHAT SORT OF MAGIC IS THIS?!

Now, my kids..I can hear them now as they are reading this…”Mom…really?”  Yes,son. Really.  I understand so many things in this world. I understand the chemical reaction that results in fluffy biscuits. I understand bacteria and how they make the body feel sick, and how the body fights that bacteria.  I understand roses and other plants and how to make them do what they’re intended to do- make flowers or tomatoes or pinecones. I even understand soap, and why lawyers are…the way they are.

But I do not understand electricity, or silicone chips, or radio waves or microwaves and

where’s my tinfoil hat?


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5 Responses to I don’t understand!

  1. Shortest explanation on microwaves- they’re similar to radio waves (sound, and also radiation ) and they are absorbed by water. The waves make the atoms in the water move. The movement makes heat.

    • rootietoot says:

      Well I’ve heard all THAT, but what are WAVES? movement flapping around in the atmosphere? Then how do they happen in space? They aren’t particles, so what are they if they aren’t something? It’s like O! Let’ aim this piece of stuff that for some reason things glow around it, or gets hot, but we don’t actually SEE anything unless we put a potato in a box and put electrcity through it…O! That’s like an oven only there’s no source of HEAT…O Like an Xray where if we get close enough to it for long enough, our gonads shrink and we die of cancer…or worse. I do not understand waves. I know they exist, but I do not understand them.

  2. They are particles. They are also light. (they are 2 things, like you are. You are a wife. You are also a mom) They happen in space because space is full of things moving around (because of the big bang) and that movement creates energy. When a big truck passes you on the highway, and your car rocks, that’s waves. That’s energy battering at your car. You can’t see it, but you can feel it. Waves, in the most basic term are vibrations.

  3. Apply the chemical process in cooking. Some ingredients bind well with other ingredients.It’s the same thing, but on a much smaller scale. And some ingredients mixed with another will turn the whole thing into a repellent disaster.

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